Wrestling Fans: Be Yourself, Don't Just Go With The Majority

VLTContributor IJanuary 28, 2010

When you think of John Cena one thing comes on your mind, "no wrestling skills", when you think of Jeff Hardy you think of "spotmonkey", when you think of John Morisson you think of "the next HBK"; but what if I told you that Hardy is the next HBK, Morisson is a spotmoneky and that Cena can actually wrestle. Most people would start telling me that wrestling is fake, that Jeff Hardy has no skills and that Cena can't wrestle. Why? Because that is what the majority does.

Majority~ "What the more people do (usually more than 50%)". 

Just think of the "what most people do" has affected you in becoming like them. Most people think that because the majority thinks Cena can't wrestle they should also believe that. Why does this happen? Because people want other people to think that they are right.

Lets say that I told you that Shelton Benajmin is solid on the mic, even though people think he isn't, and that Morisson is rubbish on the mic(Mr.Ziggles, Really?)? All of you "know it all" would try to change my mind, trying to brainwash me; and if you didn't succeed you would think that I know nothing about wrestling. 

The truth is that the true wrestling fans are those that aren't afraid to express what they Truly think even if they are the minority. I personally congratulate Justin for loving Jeff Hardy when the majority hates him, I congratulate AkD for being loyal  to Benjamin while every one else has abandoned him. I congratulate anyone that supports his beliefs.

In my opinion most people just go with the majority because they think that if they write something people agree on, no matter how good the punctuation grammar etc is, people will love it, and this happens sometimes. People forget that you can like an article even if you disagree with it. 

"You should write to express what you feel, not to make fans"-  True, what is the point of writing when you lie first of all to yourself? 

Even if you get compliments, POTD votes and fan adds there will always be the guilty voice reminding you that it is not you that succeeded.

It is like love, if you are born an apple and people like oranges you shoudln't try to become an orange yourself, you should wait until you find someone who likes apples

Wrestling fans, don't go with he majority, be yourselves