New Jersey Nets: Calm Before the Storm

Zachary ScottCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2010

LEXINGTON, KY - JANUARY 23:  John Wall #11 of the Kentucky Wildcats celebrates during the SEC game against the Arkansas Razorbacks on January 23, 2010 at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Kentucky won 101-70.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The New Jersey Nets are in the midst of what might end up being the worst season in the history of the NBA. That just sounds horrible, the "Worst Team in the History of the NBA," no one would ever want attached to their name for eternity. Lets be honest, the Nets aren't nearly in as bad of shape as one would expect the "Worst Team in NBA History" to be in.

This season might be a little hard to swallow, everyone in the Nets organization cannot wait for this 82 game season to be over. But it seems like their is a big light at the end of this tunnel. First lets start with the young talented group New Jersey has pieced together of the past two seasons:

Brook Lopez is one of the best young players in this league, averaging 19.0 points per game, 9.40 rebounds per game and 2 blocks per game, every night he gets a double double it seems.

Devin Harris has fallen off a little, but he's also been injured and playing with worse talent. Harris can still be a star in this league and is still one of the better point guards in the league.

Chris Douglas-Roberts does alot of things very well, and could be a very good 2 or 3 in a few years. Averaging 13.8 points per game, he's an average defender but has shown glimpses of brilliance this year.

Terrence Williams has also had some big games for them this year, and could be a very good player.

Well the first key for the Nets turning around is the obvious one, Get John Wall. Point blank, no other way of putting it. Get him and your team already added a superstar and it won't even be July by than. History shows that the team that's supposed to win the lottery doesn't, but the Nets really need this one, the lottery will be one of the most important days in the history of the Nets organization.

Lets say they don't win and they pick No. 2 or No. 3, than they'll have to decide between Ohio States Evan Turner, Kansas's Xavier Henry, Syracuse's Wesley Johnson and Georgia Tech's Derrick Favor, who in my opinion will all be successful NBA players but none will touch the level of super stardom John Wall will.

In this year's draft, if the season ended today they would have the No. 1 overall pick, No. 23, and No. 31 picks, which could help fill a few of the holes on the team.

Next step, sign one of the big name free agents; thinking they can convince two max contract guys to come to New Jersey is unrealistic, but signing Joe Johnson, Amar'e Stoudemire or Chris Bosh is realistic.

Last week Amar'e Stoudemire said that New Jersey is a place he's keeping his eye on because of their ideal situation of good young talent and the possibility of playing with John Wall.

Chris Bosh would fit in excellently on the Nets, who might be one of the few "max contract guys" who hasn't reached his full potential yet.

I think they have a slight window for LeBron James to consider coming to New Jersey, that being his friendship with Nets part-owner Jay-Z. If that's the case, this is a completely different article, but it's being written assuming he's not coming to New Jersey.

Now if everything falls right for the Nets and they win the John Wall lottery, Devin Harris, while being a very good player is expendable now.

I can name a few teams that would love to have a Devin Harris (Portland, Phoenix [after Nash leaves], Lakers, Dallas (to replace Kidd, again), Minneasota) if the Nets can find a way to improve and add another player or two via trade, than they've given the team a face lift while keeping most of its young core in tact.

The Nets are in an extremely interesting time for the franchise, in five years they could be in Newark sharing a building with ex-roommates the New Jersey Devils, or they could be the team that brings back basketball to the Big Apple (which they desperately need).

Regardless of where they are, the New Jersey Nets are a team to watch in the near future, but it all starts in May when their franchise's fate hangs in the balance of a bunch of ping pong balls.