jason hughesCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 24:  A dog runs onto the pitch to chase the ball prior to the start of a Sunday League football match on the Hackney Marshes pitches on January 24, 2010 in London, England. Hackney Marshes is known as the home of grass roots football, it has 88 full-sized football pitches which is the greatest concentration of football pitches in Europe. The Olympic Delivery Authority is applying to build a giant wind turbine on the site of Hackney's East Marsh in a bid to fulfill the Games' environmental legacy.  (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
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  BJ Penn is nobody's dog, and damn you Dana White if you don't know that better than anybody.

  So you signed Takanori Gomi, BIG DEAL, that fight wouldn't be relavent now and I don't even think Gomi has what it takes to climb the lightweight ladder for a shot at UFC gold anyway.

   While on the other hand, BJ, who is the prototypical fighters fighter, will go , without hesitation to wherever he thinks that he needs to go for a challenge. God bless him.

  No he won't wait around for years for White to ink Aoki or Alvarez, he will go after them. That's what I admire the most about BJ, he doesn't apolagize to anyone and he won't wait for fights, he can make his own, he has done it in the past and I think he is getting close to doing it again.

   I think anybody who has seen the video with BJ hanging out with Fedor and Mousasi would come to appreciate that he does not do lap dances for the UFC, and while I  don't think it will  be right away, don't be surprised if in a year or so if BJ goes somewhere else, NOW this just my opinion and I don't believe that too many people will agree with me but this is how I feel.

   What does he have to lose , you know that the UFC will always take Penn back with open arms , but will they have some resintements every time they lose him because it was there job to find suitable challenges , not his, see if BJ takes off on a world "globetrotting" expedition to fight the best lightweights  in the world, I am all for it, the same has been expected of FEDOR, why not BJ!

   And do not think money would influence Penn's willingness to find good fights, not only is BJ able to make an American card worth the price when ever he has to, there are lots of willing fans, myself included who would pay to watch a superfight on a different broadcast other than a ZUFFA owned one.

   I guess the short of it is , don't expect BJ to hang around much longer if he can't get a fight worth watching on ZUFFA'S terms, we are on BJ's terms now.