Nostrapatrick Predicts: Bretter Luck Next Year!

Patrick FerliseCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 24:  Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings reacts after the Vikings scored a touchdown against the New Orleans Saints during the NFC Championship Game at the Louisiana Superdome on January 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints won 31-28 in overtime.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

As we all were caught up in what was called the "Brett Favre Saga" dramatized by ESPN over the past few years, Brett Favre once again showed he still has an arm even at the age of forty. Brett Favre in my mind, will no doubt be a Hall of Fame candidate within the coming years and it would certainly strike me as weird if he didn't. He is an excellent and talented player and possibly one of the best in professional football.

To give some history on what defamated his classy character, we have to look back at the Green Bay Packers. Although I like them, they certainly did not do their quarterback any favors by not allowing him to start on the roster after he decided to join the NFL once again. So, after number four made his way into a New York Jets uniform to get another shot to play, I thought to myself "what a mistake." And it was, he didn't play up to the expectation that everyone believed. But then, a spark of good hope came about when during the post-season Brett Favre was offered the quarterback job at the Minnesota Vikings (arch rivals of the Packers).

The Match Closest to the Packers

To make my point, Favre new the playing style of the Vikings. Therefore, they resemble the closest thing to a Packers style of game. I think that Brett and Minnesota found a connection that was so close to perfect, that it would create a Superbowl-caliber team. After losing the NFC Championship on the same note that Favre left Green Bay (with an interception in the last play of the game) that he will mull over the idea of staying to play another perfect season.

My Prediction

Brett Favre is no doubt an awesome quarterback, I feel that the interception he made on the last play of the game will come back to haunt him to where he feels he has no choice but to play another season for the Vikings. I think what Brad Childress made the right move staying neutral about the retirement situation with Favre by not pressuring him into a time limit deadline. My prediction is he will be back in his jersey.