Dear Reality: Don't Mess With My Football!

D TContributor IJanuary 27, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 01:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators throws a pass against the Cincinnati Bearcats during the Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Louisana Superdome on January 1, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I have something to say, as kindly as possible, to all the griping going on about the planned Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad.

Please. Just. Stop.

Thank you.

In case you want to know, I think that abortion is despicable. If that colors your opinion of me, so be it.

But this is not an article against abortion, homosexuality, witchcraft, cheating on taxes, or annoying me (all cardinal sins, by the way, the last of which is the most heinous).

This is an article defending the right of Tim Tebow, his family, and Focus on the Family to produce an ad to air during the Super Bowl.

Particularly, this is a rebuttal to all who claim that their sacred Super Bowl is being violated by a political agenda of some sort.

If I may, again, say very kindly and sweetly...

Get over yourselves.

Regardless of your stance on the issue, I hope none of you believe that the issue is not of ultimate importance.

If you're for abortion, then this issue is fundamental to establishing women's rights, correct?

If you're against it, this issue is critical to saving the lives of millions of unborn children who aren't even getting the chance to see the world, right?

But some of us, apparently, don't want to have to think about this.

The Super Bowl is a chance to blissfully stick our heads in the sand, forget about anything of significance, and watch guys knock the snot out of each other while trying to run up and down a grass field with a blob in their hands.

Is it fun? Heck yeah! You think I'd be writing for Bleacher Report if I didn't love sports?


But with a proper appreciation for sports should come a perspective that some things transcend sports.

If we can't bring ourselves to admit (even grudgingly) that an issue of life and death (for mother or child) is more important than aforementioned spectacle...that's taking escapism too far.

Who believes, in the grand scheme of things, that it really matters who wins the Super Bowl, when there are thousands dying in Haiti after the earthquake, millions dying of hunger around the world, an AIDS epidemic running rampant, blood shortages all over the place, people losing their jobs, etc.?

Would you deride an advocacy group for airing a public service ad regarding any of those situations during the Super Bowl?

Then why deride a group trying to give a voice to the most voiceless group in the world–the unborn?

Whether you agree or disagree, do you really believe that a single sporting event is more important than a life or death issue?

Tim Tebow doesn't. Thank God at least one of us doesn't have his head in the sand.