The Mirage That Has Become Wrestling

Phoenix RocketContributor IJanuary 27, 2010

I decided it write a wrestling article for the first time in a long time. Not writing has been killing me but I could not decide what to write about. Nothing in wrestling has been really good lately. I have been getting a lot of false hope from the wrestling scene these past couple monthes.

I will start with TNA and the mirage that has appeared before my eyes only to realize that in fact the overall product has gotten worse in my estimation. Now I was always a fan of Eric Bischoff so please reserve hate mail until the end of this article but I thought that he did a great job for the most part. He turned a company that was losing money into a company that was turning 40 million dollars a year. So I thought that there could be hope for TNA and there still can be.

My first issue with TNA and I think a lot of peoples issues is bringing in names that haven't been realavent for a few years if at all. Not only do they bring in guys like Orlando Jordan and The Nasty Boys, but they put them over young and credible talent. This could become an issue in the coming future.

Secondly, they are not coming up with much of anything original at all. Maybe this is the writing maybe this is hogan or both. I think that using a screw job angle is a bit of a reach. Not only does it not makes sense but it is copying from the competition and this "screwjob" isn't even real.

Now onto Raw......please get rid of this whole guest host angle. I know that Bonnie Huntand the USA network want ratings and WWE can provide that for them but pressuring Vince to make stupid decisions like have a guest host every week is simply a reach. 

Here is a revalation for Vince and the rest of the WWE team. Raw is a wrestling show not a variety show. What that means is fans tune in for the most part to see wrestling. I could care less if Chris Masters can make his pecs dance or how many ways they can make Santino look like more of a baphoon(although I do find some of those amusing). Lets get back to wrestling having matches kinda the way it was back in the old days. Seeing 25-30 minutes of in ring action is not my idea of a 2 hour wrestling show.

Pushing young new edgy talent can also be a source of viewership. Guys like the Miz, Swagger, MVP, Bourne just to name a few. When wrestling was great during the Monday night wars and the attitude era it was because of new talent. I would like to see this again.

This of course can always change and I would love to see it do so. Maybe someone influential will read this or maybe fans like myself will let Vince know whats up. Also tune into a wrestling radio show that I co-host and produce called The Beatdown. Our website is We run from 9-11 PM CST every Sunday night. Hope you all listen ya dig?