B/R Wrestling: Buy or Sell Week Three

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2010

Welcome one and all to the third edition of Bleacher Report Wrestling Buy or Sell. It's a short one this week due to some hangups, but we've got Jacob Burman and Scott Maynard here with us. So hang out and enjoy your stay as we discuss some of the hot issues in the world of professional wrestling.

Buy or Sell: Despite the negative feedback from many fans, TNA is actually building towards some serious change for the good.

Scott Maynard: SELL

TNA is in dire straits right now. I think that more than anything TNA is having an identity crisis and can’t decide what they want to be. At times they want to be the younger company that focuses on newer talent, and then they bring back guys like Scot Hall, X-Pac (Sean Waltman), and the Nasty Boys. Then they go an upset half their fanbase by changing there famed six-sided ring to a traditional four-sided ring. I believe that A.J. Styles heel turn has great potential, but as for right now I’ll go with sell.

Jacob Burman: SELL

Some change, I can understand. The six sides being taken out is going to cause a lot of backlash, but to get the average viewer, and I can see why they did that. The production that TNA has put out is pretty horrible. They need to improve on it drastically and if that means taking out the six sides, okay. However, last year we had the old guys going over the new guys. This year it should be their time. Haven’t seen much with Hogan’s tour friends going over and the TNA guys that have got TNA to this place, once again being put down.

Also, why did they break up LAX so SuperMex can go back to the tag titles again anyways? And the trash storylines that have been used and abused is getting tiresome. At least they are making changes, unlike a very powerful person in the US that has yet to do anything, they should have at least eased in the change done a better job pushing talent.

My Take: BUY

Right now, I honestly do think that TNA will be better within the semi-near future. Though it doesn't seem like it's going to be a smooth ride there.


Buy or Sell: Shawn Michaels will win the Royal Rumble and face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26.

Scott Maynard: SELL

I really don’t see the Heart Break Kid winning a record tying third time. I also really don’t want to see a HBK/Undertaker rematch; it just wouldn’t make sense to try and redo such a great match. I’m looking for a HBK and HHH match at Wrestlemania.

Jacob Burman: SELL

I’m going to sell. There are just so many different possibilities to the Rumble that has got me really excited and is the reason my brother and I are going in half to purchase this event. It has the makings to be on heck of an event which can lead to so many turns. So I’m selling on this, and if Taker vs. HBK is to take place, HBK either costs Taker the belt or heck, seeing as DX are still the tag champs, HBK gets into the Chamber on SD and either wins a contender match or the title.

My Take: SELL

I think that the WWE can come up with something better than a match between Shawn and Taker all over again. I doubt they would top last year's effort.


Buy or Sell: The Undertaker's should retire still undefeated at Wrestlemania.

Scott Maynard: BUY

Many feel that the “Streak” should end when a young talent who has all the makings of a superstar comes around and faces Taker at Wrestlemania. I at first thought this, but Take’s streak has become so legendary and even mythical that losing to him at Mania is almost an honor in itself. If Undertaker were to ever lose a match at Wrestlemania, it would have to be his last match because that would do so much for the winner that it’s hard to describe.

Jacob Burman: SELL

Again, I’m going to sell just because I LOVE the idea to screw Taker in which the MITB winner cashes in on Taker, takes the title, and becomes one of the biggest stars for a year, holding onto the title. Then the following Mania, Taker returns, defeats the champ (hoping someone like Miz, Morrison, DiBiase Junior), and retires in glory.

My Take: BUY

The Undertaker has been such a mythological figure for the WWE for oh so long that it just seems fitting that he would leave the business having something special in the streak at Wrestlemania.


Buy or Sell: Following DX dropping the Unified Tag Team Championship, the belts should be moved to one brand to build a strong tag division.

Scott Maynard: SELL

I like the idea that the champions can go anywhere at anytime to defend their titles. Now that Punk and Gallows are the Number one contenders we all know that either Punk and Gallows will be going to Raw for their shot or DX will be making an appearance on Smackdown. I like it a lot because it allows talent that doesn’t always have the chance to interact with each other a chance to have a match or confrontation.

Jacob Burman: SELL

The tag division, up until DX took the titles, was looking good. JeriShow was feuding with some great tag teams, put them over in singles action, and though they lost, they still made them look good and gave them experience. I really enjoy having the champs jump shows, something the WWE needs to do more with DX, and continue to push it. Luke and Punk could very well end up being a legit team, though it would be nice to see more than DX and Cryme Tyme as faces. And no, Matt Hardy and Khali are not a legit team.

My Take: BUY

The belts don't get defended enough when they bounce between both brands. I'd rather see them go on one brand and let the WWE build up the division. Then you can look later on down the road to have them travel again.

Bonus Question: Is Sheamus heading for Wresltemania still as champion?

Scott Maynard: No, I see Sheamus dropping the title to Randy Orton at The Royal Rumble or at Elimination Chamber.

Jacob Burman: As much as I like the guy, WWE would rather push little Horny and guest hosts more than Sheamus. Had they allowed Sheamus to be at the end of shows or even around the top TV spots and just destroyed guys (Evan is too small, have a guy like Masters, Swagger, or even Henry job to him) and just show the man’s strength and brutality, I would be more excited. Instead, they are just wasting him away and just seems to have done this just to have something new and fresh.

My Take: As much as I like Sheamus, I don't see him being a headliner at Wrestlemania. Not just yet at least. Maybe he does keep it and they do a mid card title match with him dropping it.


That'll do it for week three of Buy or Sell. Check back next Wednesday for another edition. As always leave your comments down below and if you want to be on the panel, just shoot me a message. Stay classy B/R!