Final Predictions for the Lenox 300! Make your picks! Win some money!

Dr. Brett SchmitzCorrespondent IJune 28, 2008

Lately the winner of the New Hampshire 300 has come from the front row.  Particularly the Pole position.  However as much as I love the short Canadian Carpontiac I don't think he is going to win the race.  He might be lucky to get a top 25 out of this race, if he can stay on the lead lap.

The rain really messed up qualifying by bringing the temperatures down and bringing unfamiliar faces to the front.  I wonder what the odds were for the 10 and the 43 to be on the front row this weekend.  I bet you would have a better chance of picking the Powerball. 

After the front row, however, is the man who I believe will dominate most of the race on Sunday.  Kevin Harvick starts in the third position.  Not only does he start the highest of the cars that were fast in practice, but he has something to prove after looking like a rookie last week in the road course race.  If I could place a bet on who will lead the most laps Kevin would have to be my pick barring any mechanical failure or driver error...(which is a strong possibility).  By the time the other top contenders get up to him the race will probably be half over. 

The rain messing up qualifying will definitely make this a fun race to watch.  You can be sure that there will be many different pit strategies among the faster teams that qualified poorly, trying to make up track position since passing is not the easies at NHIS.   Fast names such as Juan Pablo(who was fastest in final 2 practices), Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Jeff Burton will be fun to watch come up through the pack and try to get to the front without "using their stuff up." 

Finally here are my picks for the Lenox 300 at NHIS. 

1st place: Juan Pablo Montoya(He is fast and mad after last week)

2nd place: Kevin Harvick(He will dominate early and fade late)

3rd place: Jimmie Johnson(Mr. Consistency)

4th place: Reed Sorenson(If he can stay out of trouble he will be there)

5th place: Jeff Burton(He's my pick for this week and I need him to do well)

There you have it.  I also have some alternate picks for the top five if anyone doesn't agree with my first picks.

Kasey Kahne is fast, Jeff Gordon makes his car better all day, Kyle Busch is always a threat for a top five, Tony Stewart(He's fast and mad), and finally Bobby Labonte is the dark-horse. 

Thanks and good luck this Sunday!