A Little Early 2010 Predictions

Shanan H.Analyst IJanuary 27, 2010

ST. LOUIS , MO - OCTOBER 10:  :  Albert Pujols #5 of the St. Louis Cardinals in Game Three of the NLDS during the 2009 MLB Playoffs at Busch Stadium on October 10, 2009 in St. Louis, Missouri.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Technically, spring training hasn't even started.


Boo, hiss.


Here are my predictions:  Awards, playoffs, everything.


AL West:


Seattle-Love the club, and I don't doubt this position.

Oakland-Kind of going out on a limb with this one, but I do like them, and I think a healthy Athletic club can go somewhere.

Texas-tie-Man, I love this club, but the pitching isn't up to par.

LA-tie-They lost too many irreplaceable in the offseason.  Who is the ace?


Al Central


Minnesota-The lineup is killer, and they have decent pitching.  The strongest among the weak.

Chicago-They made a few very good moves this offseason, but the lack a superstar on the team.  They are solid.

Detroit-They traded off Curtis Granderson for a prospect.  A lot of questions for this club coming in.

Cleveland-They know they won't do anything this year.  But, they are a very solid club with a good farm.

Kansas City-Not so good.


AL East


New York-They have improved practically everywhere...only question is left field.

Boston (wc)-Such a solid and deep club.  They lack a legitimate power threat, with Bay gone and Papi suffering.

Tampa Bay-Great club full of youngsters, too young this year.

Baltimore-Man, they are going to be good soon.  The only reason they are 4th and not 5th is Tejada.

Blue Jays-They are into a re-building stage.


NL East:


Mets-I hate to predict them, since my prediction for them last year became very wrong very fast, however, they are such a strong club.  The only question is the back end of the rotation.

Phillies (wc)-They upgraded at third base, can Raul repeat another great season?  Brad Lidge is a question, too.

Florida-tie-Love the youngsters, love the core...just too many weak spots.  The team will go as far as Ricky Nolasco and Johnson take them.

Atlanta-tie-Again, a great club full of young kids.  The acquisition of Melky made a ton of sense for the club.

Washington-Nothing can make a difference.


NL central


St. Louis-Matt Holiday brings a ton to this club with his bat.  Added to Pujols, those two are deadly.  The infield still has some holes...could Orlando Hudson be interested? 

Chicago-Well, they will do better than last year.

Brewers-A great group of players, too many holes.

Astros-tie-They lost the offense.  Pitching has questions.

Reds-tie-They are getting the gears on the machine turning again:  It's just a slow starter.

Pittsburg-Well, I'd say I'm going out on a limb on this one...


NL West

LAD-They have such a great outfield.  A very good core with this team, and great veterans surround them.  Plus, the best manager in baseball probably helps.

Colorado-tie-They just cannot compete with LA.

San Fran-tie-The team is so good, but way too young.

Arizona-They just don't have it.

San Diego-They are re-building.





ALDS 1:  New Yorkv vs. Minnesota-New York in 3-Yes, the Yanks are better than the Twins 

ALDS 2:  Seattle vs. Boston-Seattle in 5-The Seattle pitching staff has what it takes...barely.

NLDS 1:  Mets vs. Cardinals-Mets in 5-It should be a great match up.  I think LaRussa will out manage the Met club, but the Mets will out-hit the Cards.

NLDS 2:  Phillies vs. Dodgers-Phillies in 5-The deep Phillie staff puts them ahead.


ALCS:  New York vs. Seattle-New York in 6-The Yanks will loose two to Lee.  No surprises here.


NLCS:  Phillies vs. Mets-Phillies in 7-It will come down to which club is smarter.  Yes, that’s the Phillies.


World Series:  Phillies vs. New York-New York in four-Just like last year, except C.C. can actually beat Halladay.




AL Cy Young:  Felix Hernandez-He deserved it last year, he will win it this year.


NL Cy Young:  Tim Lincecum-No player has ever won three Cy Youngs running.  There is a first for everything.


Al MVP:  Alex Rodriguez-He will come back from an off year, hit 50 homers with a .290 average, and lead the team to another World Series ring.


NL MVP:  Albert Pujols-Anyone have any questions?


Comeback AL:  Ben Sheets-He will come back from that surgury and lead a struggling club into contention.


Comeback NL:  Geovany Soto-Basically, he lays off the pot.


Rookie AL:  Desmond Jennings, OF, Rays-Love the young outfielder, should get oppertunities in left field.


Rookie NL:  Madison Bumgardner, Sp, Giants-I really love his name.  Sounds like a bum farmer or something.  The Giants seem to ooze young pitching talent


Manager AL:  Don Wakamatsu, Mariners-When the Mariners make it to the ALCS, people will finally notice this man's smarts.


Manager NL:  Charlie Manuel, Phillies-He is so smart and so silent...no one sees it coming.