A Brief Introduction To What Is To Come From Jb Bachtel!!

Jb BachtelContributor IJanuary 27, 2010

Hello, and welcome to the beginning of a journey, a journey of one sports fan that is sick and tired of sports reporting as we all know it. I will from this article on only write about the things that are going on in sports from the point of view of a fed up fan. It is that point of view that has fueled my rage for years! What I do not want to talk about is the Steroid issue that is "plaguing" sports, namely baseball. What I want from you the reader is to provide feedback (good and bad).

What I promise you is an unadulterated, opinionated, spirited, journey throughout the world of sport, in a more Bill Maher sort of way! I will not talk about Tiger Woods and his marital issues, personally if I was with that woman I'd never leave the house, but then again I/we don't live in that house either, so who knows what was going through his head? And who really cares? I for one is sick of hearing about it! 

Another thing I'm sick of hearing about is how steroids are ruining the game of baseball?Who cares? If those who did, did not the game would have been boring and no one would have watched all those milestone's. And then what? Yes it is a form of cheating but I understand that after the strike baseball lost a lot of fans and those players made baseball relevant again. So as a fan I say thank you Roger, Andy, Mark, Rafael, and yes you too Jose (even though I think of you as a money hungry snitch). But what is troubling to me is the fact the steroids and steroid abuse killed one of the greatest defensive lineman in NFL history Lyle Alzedo! Why wasn't there all this press back in 1992? Why didn't the powers that be do anything to keep P.E.D's and steroids out of sports then? Why wasn't there more research into them? What types of steroids are out there and how can we protect our athletes and our Sports from them? Instead what happened they banned the ones they new about and put it on the back burner, and with that I put the blame on them not the athletes! 

So for now I say welcome to the changing of the guard, welcome to the new standard in sports writing!