Just How Afraid Of TNA Are WWE Should They Nab RVD?

Victor JordanCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2010

The following is an official statement from Rob Van Dam,which he wrote on his official website:

"The constant rumors that I am or have signed with one of the wrestling companies seems to be getting stronger still. Last week, WWE locked me out of my profile page at WWE Universe because they believed I had signed with TNA!"

This is the exact reason why i laugh when a WWE loyalist says  WWE sees TNA virtually as no threat. WWE are obviously scared shitless,and with the fact that TNA has officially beaten their 0.6-1.1 rating average,since the Monday Night iMPACT! show,as well as TNA snagging one of the 2 hottest free agents in Pro Wrestling today (Van Dam himself & Jeff Hardy),any WWE loyalist that says WWE isn't worried is a complete moron.

Van Dam has already confirmed that he will NEVER work a full-time 365 day on the road schedule(ala WWE) again. And if he we're to return to the promotion it would be short term,and on an HBK contract like basis. RVD also said that the money would have to be huge (probably meaning that he wants to get paid double or more of which he was paid during his first run with WWE)

Van Dam has many benefits with TNA,he could make a little over a million a year under a Panda Energy contract,as well as work very limited house shows,TV tapings,and PPVs,plus Van Dam wouldn't have to do much traveling as well seeing as how TNA tapes their shows in Orlando,as well as a majority of the PPVs being held in Orlando.

Even the biggest of WWE loyalist could agree that WWE would be in major trouble,while TNA would be on the mainstream rise if they we're to sign RVD. With Hardy & Van Dam in TNA,WWE would have no choice but to up the ante. Van Dam is 40 years old,and anything BUT washed up,or a has been, he can still take alot of bumps,as well as perfectly perform some high flying spots.

As with Jeff Hardy,TNA must do all they can to sign "The Whole Fucking Show",and once again let wrestling fans witness Mr.Monday Night.