Tim Tebow Will Be a Success Regardless of Senior Bowl Performance

Tuviere AkpogheneContributor IJanuary 26, 2010

First off, I would like to say that everyone should really stop jumping on me every time I get something wrong.

How come no one calls me when I get things right, which I might add, does happen a lot?

Tim Tebow an A-List Person of the Year 2009 nominee on AroDrive.com for reasons best known to him, has decided to attend the Senior Bowl, which I’ve always felt was meant for guys from smaller programs to showcase themselves.

The report on his performance in practice has not been promising, as he flubbed his first snap from center and it has been reported that it only got uglier from there.

Performing drills with fellow South team quarterbacks Zac Robinson of Oklahoma State and Jarrett Brown of West Virginia, Tebow fumbled the ball at least twice while taking snaps under center.

Later in team drills, Tebow fell into his same old habits, as he often held onto the ball for too long, constantly locked onto receivers and threw several wobbly passes.

Clearly the scouts came away pretty unimpressed.

"He looks like the third QB out there," one NFC South talent evaluator said.

On top of the technical issues NFL scouts have with Tim Tebow as a prospective pro quarterback, there's also the standard next-level complaint about "the system"—specifically, among other things, that Tebow spent the entirety of his college career at Florida taking snaps from the shotgun and never from under center, even in short-yardage situations.

That seemingly minor qualm opens up an entirely new avenue of doubts about his ability to adjust to basic mechanics like footwork and turning his back to the defense, fundamentals most quarterbacks have converted to second nature long before they show up for NFL auditions (or, in most cases, before they ever set foot in an actual college game).

There is no doubt Tebow has some, OK a lot, of issues to work out to make it in the Pros.

But, this kid has got the most important asset needed to be successful in the NFL: heart. Do you really think success in the NFL is all about having great tools? Just ask the Raiders about JaMarcus Russell.

No matter the position Tebow gets to play in the NFL, you can rest assured knowing that he will give his all to succeed.

I have said before that Tebow reminds me of Steve McNair and I still stand by it. McNair was a quarterback that played like a downhill running back and just like McNair, Tebow is a very big athlete with a winning habit.

And that brings us to Tebow’s most important asset: he's a winner.

These attributes are the reasons I believe Tim Tebow will be successful on the next level and no matter the outcome from the Senior Bowl, he will be drafted next April and will be a good pro.

Any questions?