Dodge This: My Take On Night of Champions

Nadene DodgeCorrespondent IJune 28, 2008

Here is the Dodge take on what is to come on Night of Champions.  This is going to be very interesting to watch and I can’t wait to see what will come of it. 

Will it be Triple H or will it be John Cena?  This is going to be a good match to watch.   Both want the title but only one can win the match. 

I can see Triple H retaining the title and Cena putting up a good fight to get it.  This is going to be a battle of wills and only one will walk away WWE Champion. 

Will Edge have the usual help to keep his title?  You all know that La Familia is going to help Edge in any way that they can. 

The question is who will help Batista or can he do it on his own?  Batista is going to pull everything out on this match.  I can see Batista walking away as World Heavyweight Champion.  This will be the first of many downfalls that Edge is going to have.

Will it be Kane, Big Show, or Mark Henry?  I can honestly see Kane and Big Show double up Mark Henry.  Neither one of them likes Mark Henry nor do the both of them want to lose to him either.  This is going to be a battle of giants and the ground is going to rumble. 

The one giant that is going to come out on top is going to be the Big Show.  I can see him becoming the ECW Champion.

Will it be Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes or will it be Ted DiBiase & his mystery partner that become WWE World Tag Team Champions?  This is going to be a good match when we all find out the mystery partner. 

I feel that Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes are going to win the match, even though we don’t know who is going to be with Ted DiBiase.  Hardcore Holly has come too far to give up now and he is going to make sure that he wins this match.

Will it be John Morrison & The Miz or will it be Finlay & Hornswoggle that win this match?  My money is on Hornswoggle and Finlay.  They are good together and they are going to make a statement.  I can see them with the WWE Tag Team Championship. 

Will it be Mat Hardy or Chavo Guerrero that wins this match?  Matt Hardy has my side on this; it might be in part that Chavo is part of La Familia that I want him to loose.  He has been stepping on whoever is in his way for so long, with the help of La Familia, that he just needs to have his ass handed to him.  Matt Hardy will stay as United States Champion!

Will it be Mickie James or Katie Lea Burchill?  Mickie is going to dish out all that she has to show why she is WWE Women’s Champion.  Katie Lea Burchill won’t know what hit her when Mickie is done with her.  Mickie is going to retain her title of WWE Women’s Champion!

These are my takes on what is going to happen Sunday on Night of Champions.  Let’s see how many of these that I actually get right.