The Rock Is Our Savior

aja .Contributor IJanuary 26, 2010

Like the title says Dwayne *the Rock* Johnson is the saviors to us the hardcore wrestling fans. You probably asking your self

why does he write this???

is he mad?

is he just a old rock mark?

no no good sir

in a resent interview u can hear it here ( )

The Rock spoke on doing a show in the summer or maybe even wrestling

“I want to use the platform as a host to literally rip things open. There’s so much stuff we can do,” Johnson told John Pollock. “We’re going to create an incredible show, an incredible Raw. I’m doing another movie, but after that, we’re going to create something special, unique, something badass for the fans. Talking to Vince (McMahon), whenever that’s going to be, we’re going to have a great time.


the rock ask on wrestling again:

“I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish in wrestling, so I wouldn’t rule out going back,” Johnson said. “If the match was right and we could create something really unique and cool for the fans and for my opponent and for the company, I would do it in a second.”

this is great great news for the wrestling community cause we need something good to happen to shake thing up a bit again to be closer to the good times of wrestling

oh and before anyone says it

no the bret hart nor the hogan return count cause both return have been lame

we have not seen bret in like 3 weeks and hogan well.... that for another article

one last thing and this is for the Cena fans out there The Rock was ask if he would wrestle John Cena:

“I’ve never been interested in wrestling John Cena. The guys I wrestled in the past – from Goldberg to Hogan to Austin – were guys who I’ve really wanted to wrestle. If it can be done creatively but not only that, it’s very important if I do back that the writing has to be ripped up and really be pushed,” Johnson said. “I came from a time in the Attitude era where we trail-blazed a lot and were fearless in the things we said and did.”


So there u have it good times are coming for us the fans and hopefully it mean a good change in the WWE and wrestling in general


Quick note

this is my first article so if anyone have any suggestions please comment. I will tryto improve and do to mostly news articles and once in a while my on views of things.