After a Long Wait the Los Angeles Clippers Debut a Round One Draft Pick

Jose SalviatiCorrespondent IIJanuary 26, 2010

DALLAS - MARCH 09:  JamesOn Curry #24 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys dribbles the ball against the Iowa State Cyclones during the first round of the Phillips 66 Big 12 Men's Basketball Championship Tournament at American Airlines Arena on March 9, 2006 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

If you blinked, you missed it. 

I was driving through Utah once with my kids. We saw a sign welcoming us to a city, and before we could look around to see landmarks, we saw another sign thanking us for the visit. Small towns in Utah and NBA debuts, for some, come and go quickly.

His box score line read like a Bill Gates net worth without the starting "one." Zero points, zero shots, zero assists, zero steals, zero free throws. He wasn't even credited with any time on the court. Zero minutes played. But he was out there. I saw him.

No, you didn't miss Blake Griffin's debut. That won't happen until preseason later this year. The first round draft pick the Clippers debuted last night in a game against the Celtics was JamesOn Curry.

Curry got 3.9 seconds of NBA time guarding Rajon Rondo. Well, at least he was supposed to guard Rondo. 

"I was kind of staring at Ray Allen," Curry said. Well, it was only 3.9 seconds.  What's wrong with a little stare down? Thankfully for Curry, Rondo didn't slip behind him for an uncontested layup.

3.9 seconds in an NBA jersey in an NBA game. What a ride it's been for the first ever draft selection for the Springfield Armor of the NBA D-League.

Curry passed on his senior year at Oklahoma State University, opting for a chance at the NBA draft. He was selected in the second round and 51st overall by the Chicago Bulls. He was signed August 2, 2007 and waived July 31, 2008 after never logging a second in an NBA game.

Curry is no boy scout, having had his share of legal difficulties. 

In 2004, while in high school, he was charged with two counts of possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana, two counts of sale and delivery of marijuana, and two counts of sale, possession, and delivery of a controlled substance on school grounds. That incident cost him a scholarship to UNC.

On Jan. 17, 2008, he was arrested in Boise, Idaho and pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and urinating in public. That incident netted him a one game suspension from the Bulls.

Lessons learned? Lets hope so for Curry's sake.

In August 2008, he was signed by Pau-Orthez of a basketball league in France. He was waived two months later after failing to impress the coaching staff. Ouch.

He then put in time with Proteas EKA AEL. You've heard of them, right? A Greek Cypriot team in Limassol. From there, the NBA D-League came calling.

He was the first ever draft pick by the Springfield Armor. He was picked 14th overall. Sundiata Gaines, he of the miraculous buzzer-beating three-point shot for the Jazz against the Cavaliers, was picked 16th that year.

The NBA's development league is an oddity. It exists to provide a similar benefit to NBA teams that baseball's minor league teams do to its major league teams. Like baseball's lower leagues, minor league success or even time in the D-League doesn't necessarily suggest success in the NBA.

Some notable NBA players have donned D-League jerseys, including Aaron Brooks, Will Bynum, Rafer Alston, Jamario Moon, and many more. Of course, for every one of those players, there are four more who post good numbers in the D-League but never see time in the Association.

Curry was certainly putting up big numbers for the Springfield Armor; 16.1 points and 7.5 assists look good in any league. How will that translate in the Association? Assuming Curry gets time to showcase his skill, time will tell.

Personally, I hope JamesOn hangs on beyond his 10-day contract just so I can have fun calling out his teammates, BaRon, MarCus, RaSual and Al. Leave it to Thornton to spoil the fun!

Curry's unique first name is a combination of his fathers name, James, and his grandfather Leon. This may be the first and only article wholly dedicated to Clipper player JamesOn Curry. 

For 3.9 seconds, however, that's what he was: NBA player JamesOn Curry.

Welcome to the big-time JamesOn, sincerely, HoseAye.