Roy Jones vs. Bernard Hopkins: Caesar Cliffius Stands Alone

Cliff EasthamSenior Writer IIJanuary 26, 2010

by Caesar Cliffius


I may stand alone in my analysis of the upcoming fight between Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones, Jr.

Having looked at all of the polls presented on various fight venues, Roy would be better served to not show up.

Over 50 percent of voters on ESPN say that Hopkins will knock Jones out. I can only surmise that most fans have written Jones completely off after his debacle down under with Danny Green.

I, Caesar Cliffius had essentially written him off in an earlier article immediately following his most recent beatdown.

At the time of that writing, I was under the impression that the anticipated fight between Hopkins and Jones was extinct. Now that it has been resurrected, I invoke my God-given right to alter my opinion.

If he were fighting a younger man, I would probably have stayed pat with the hand I was dealt. Since Hopkins is 45 and nearing the sunset ride himself, I am hereby calling for Jones to summon favor from all of the Boxing Gods and defeat the old warrior.

This is a rematch nearly 17 years in the making. Jones administered a boxing lesson to the 28 year old Hopkins that he would not soon forget. He ran off a string of 15 years without another loss.

With Bernard's resurgence as one of the best pound-for-pound boxers a few years ago, the world clamored for the rematch that was not to be. Jones was ruler of the boxing kingdom at the time and wanted a big share of the money.

Since numerous chinks have been seen in the armor of Sir Roy, Hopkins is salivating to get him inside the squared circle.

I see it as a predator who has a venomous snake trapped in a corner. The snake still maintains the ability to administer one more lethal dose before he bites the dust.

Roy may have lost a little from the lightning speed he once had, but he is still faster than the old man, no disrespect intended.

Expect Jones to be in the best shape he has been in for years. He still maintains the ability to release a decent flurry, a fact which looms large with my vision of the "Legacy of the Ancients."

To Hopkins, it would mean sweet, sweet revenge against the only person to actually dominate him. He has worked hard the remainder of his career for this moment. Will he maintain composure or suffer from buck fever?

Will his trigger finger become too unsteady as he sees the prey in his sight? He realizes if he misses the target, he may be too late and pay the ultimate price for error.

For Jones, this fight is his legacy. It is the finale of years of dedication to a sport that has turned unkind on him. If he pulls out a decision, which I believe he will, he can walk away with dignity, knowing he beat a future Hall of Famer in his last bout.

Roy really has nothing to lose in this fight. I feel alone in this prediction (though for some reason I think King J may join me) because the vast majority of boxing fans look for a Hopkins win and most by a knockout.

If he wins, he beat the best. If he loses, he was supposed to be shot anyway. What is there to lose?

I look for Roy to work from his jab and keep Hopkins off balance with an occasional lead right. If he hurts him, which I doubt, I look for him to close the show. If not I see him winning a very close decision.

What are your thoughts?