Details on Tiger Woods' Turning Stone Resort Trip: VOTL Mailbag

Ryan MaloneyContributor IIJanuary 26, 2010

I checked this site's e-mail for the first time ever today. Dumb. This little nugget of information was passed on to me way back on Dec. 3, a day after I first posted about Tiger's summertime romp through the Turning Stone Casino in Verona.

From Laura Laura:


I have a picture of one of the girls Tiger Woods was with that night at Turning Stone Resort.  Dont ask me to publish it to you guys, because i would fear for my safety.  Here's how the night at Turning Stone went.  Tiger Woods was playing in some fund raising golf tournament with a golfer names Nota Begah.  There were alot of women that were interviewed to hang out in Tiger Woods' VIP room in the Turning Stone Resort Casino.  I know this because i was there.  Tiger was playing blackjack at a table there with some of his friends...We were there working to make sure that Tiger and all of his friends had a good time.  Alot of guys were in the VIP area and we chatted them up the whole night.  I do know that Tiger was playing alot of money on the blackjack table.  One of the girls i was there with, made a comment that Tiger was staring at her in the VIP room while playing blackjack, and was making comments about it.  Stuart Scott from ESPN was in the room, as was Camillo something, and Mike Wire.  Some professional golfers.    After about 3 hours of partying, we were invited downstairs by Tiger and his friends to the dance floor of a nightclub called LAVA....While on the dance floor, Tiger was heavily flirting with two women.  One of them a VERY attractive blonde and a brunette girl who looked just like Jennifer Love Hewitt (It wasnt)....Tiger was sitting on a couch, and he was flirting with the two women saying, "Do you know what i am going to do to you tonight?"...."Are you sure both of you can handle me?"........Later, as Tiger was leaving, the brunette girl left with Tiger....3 minutes later, she came back and ran up to the roped off area of the dance floor and grabbed the blonde girl and basically looked like a kid who had just won the lottery...At this point, i followed them out the back door and they jumped in Tiger Wood's Limo and taken to the LODGE, which is only a few hundred feet from LAVA.  I walked around the corner, and sure enough, Tiger Woods entered the lodge, and minutes later, both women followed in....I can only imagine where they went.  That is my story, and i am 100 percent truthful in all of this, but i just dont want to release my picture, because i know someone who knows i have it.....Hope this helps....The whole night, Tiger was a scum.. He wasnt a very nice guy, and he thought the world should revolve around him.......