UFC: Schedule has a Glaring Hole

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2010

While reviewing the UFC schedule for the first half of 2010 I noticed there are no events scheduled in the Midwest. I remembered reading the UFC had decided not hold a show in Columbus coinciding with the Arnold Classic, though the UFC's sister promotion the WEC will host WEC 47 that weekend.

After looking at past events I realized the UFC has not held a show in the Midwest since March 2009 in Columbus. This surprised me since the Midwest has been known as a hotbed for MMA.

I also remember reading an article last spring where Dana White said that he wanted to host an event in Detroit at the end of 2009 or beginning of 2010 depending on when Michigan passed the legislation to regulate professional MMA. Unfortunately, Michigan did not pass the legislation until the middle of November.

What about hosting another event in Chicago, Omaha, Columbus, Cincinnati or Minnesota? Or hosting an event in a new city for the UFC such as Des Monies, St. Louis, Indianapolis, or one of the Quad Cities?

I understand that the UFC wants to spread across the US and the world but its seems that lately when not overseas or in Las Vegas the UFC is focusing on the East Coast. Especially because Pennsylvania and Massachusetts both recently legalized and began regulating MMA and the push to get legalized in New York.

With the way the current UFC schedule is shaping up with the July being in Las Vegas and August slated as the debut in Boston. It will probably be at least a year and a half between trips to the Midwest for the UFC.

Strikeforce has made it clear that they plan on holding events in the Midwest with their first CBS card being held in Chicago and also holding a card in Kansas City and St. Louis since the UFC's last trip to the Midwest. While there are currently no plans for a show in the Midwest in 2010 yet Strikeforce has not released the location of any events beyond the February Challengers event in San Jose though the March Challengers event is rumored to be in Fresno.

I just worry that in their efforts to broaden their reach the UFC will neglect some of the fans that got them to where they are today.