Creature Vs Creature: The Legend The Rock and a Modern Icon Edge

K AlbaContributor IJanuary 26, 2010

"The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment", Jeff Hardy has electrified arenas. A man that is pure gold on the mike, Chris Jericho cant go wrong on the mike. His matches can be described as instant classics, Shawn micheals has had some of the greatest performances of all time. All of these man are great but when it comes to The Rock I can only compare him to Edge.

The Rock and Edge are two of the greatest professional wrestlers to every pick up a mike. They are truly awesome in putting any fan in a frenzy and are simply comedy gold. The Rock once got one half of a crowd to shout "you are" and the other half "an asshole" to Vince McMahon. And I did say awesome and Edge just reeks of awesomeness.

They have had some of the funniest promos and segments in wwe history. From The Rock having a concert or making coach do the Charleston to Edge calling us all big failure turtles. I wouldn't know what to say if you were to tell you have never laughed to one thing they have said.

Another thing that sets these wrestlers apart is their ability to be just as captivating whether a face or heel. Promos that have intrigued minds to levels other wrestlers have not mastered.

Beyond the mic they put on some of the greatest matches and feuds of all time. The two leaders of the Attitude Era squaring off in The Rock vs Stone Cold or 90's vs 80's rivalry where The Rock faced Hulk Hogan.

The rivalry of The biggest heel in the wwe Edge going against the biggest face John Cena and the epic rivalry of Edge vs The Undertaker are some of the greatest.

Their matches have kept their millions(and millions) of fans wanting more.

They have had the most shocking and greatest moments that makes you just love professional wrestling. Edge spearing a dangling Jeff Hardy out of the air or The Rock nailing a Peoples Elbow on Hulk Hogan on the grandest stage of them all.

"The Great One" vs "The Rated R One" I wouldn't mind that main eventing Wrestlemania 26. The Rock has made his legacy and has sat on his throne. Edge is making his legacy and is not a carbon copy of The Rock but our generation's new rock. By the way, wouldn't it be great if Edge made his way to the Royal Rumble or maybe The Rock.