No. 1 1967 Colts Take on the No. 64 1978 Broncos

Mark BrunswigContributor IJanuary 25, 2010

Helllo all and sorry, I've been so absent, had some computer troubles. 

We've missed out on so much also in that time. 

Let me fill you in a little bit on what I’m talking about here. My best friend Steve and I play old school Strat-O-Matic football. No computers involved except this part. It’s all about rolling the dice, and guessing right at the right times. We have a bunch of teams, old and new, totaling more than 200 card sets between us. The teams were seeded on the cards as well as on prior game experience. 

There have been five previous tournaments also, which helped decipher the ranking. That’s how the 1995 Pittsburg Steelers are such a high seed; they've won two of those tournaments.  At the beginning of each article I will recap the games we have played already.

For a complete look at the teams involved and a little more information on how the seeding was conducted, I’m working that.  I've got a few days, so maybe I can get it done.

Here's a quick look back on what’s happened thus far is the field of 64.

Game One saw a tough battle as the No. 7 '63 NY Giants got by the No. 58 '96 Carolina Panthers in a classic thanks to Y.A. Tittle and Del Shofner, 22-19.

Game Two brought the first upset when the No. 10 '63 Baltimore Colts got it all handed to them in a huge loss to the No.55 '96 Pittsburgh Steelers, 37-3.

Game Three was another upset in a high scoring affair between Hall of Fame QB Joe Montana and future Hall of Famer Payton Manning.  The No. 17 '84 San Francisco 49ers played host to the No. 48 '04 Indianapolis Colts and fell 38-31 on a Dominic Rhodes 95-yard KO Return TD with 30 seconds left.

Game Four saw a defensively dominated game when the No. 5 '78 Dallas Cowboys and Tony Dorsett took down the stingy No. 60 '00 Baltimore Ravens 14-9.

Steve picked the No. 1 1967 Baltimore Colts and Johnny Unitas (he has an award named after him) and hosted the No. 64 Denver Broncos.

The first quarter started with an unlikely Broncos rushing attack led by Rob Lytle, who had 40 carries for 219 yards with a TD, and was able to control the clock and move at will on the Colts defense. Craig Morton managed the game almost to perfection going 11 for 23 for 138 yards, 2 TDs, and one sack for (-7).  The first of the two touchdowns ended the opening quarter with a 10 yard strike to TE Riley Odoms. Put that together with a cold Unitas and the Broncos come out of the first up by a touchdown. 

Second quarter started off with both defenses knowing what was going on and nearing the end of the half it looked as if the game would go to the locker rooms 7-0 visitors. When awakened, the Colts defense recovered a fumble by Broncos TE Riley Odom.  

The Colts were able to use the short field and Tom Matte put the No. 1 Colts on the board with a 14-yard touchdown run. Baltimore looked to be right back where they needed to be after the rough start, tied up going into the half.  

After the ensuing kickoff was returned to near mid field by Lonnie Perrin, Morton took the field and after a couple of decent runs by Lytle, he hit Jack Doblin for a 21-yard TD to end the half 14-7 Broncos.

Johnny Unitas started to second half just as cold as he had started the game, and losing fellow Hall-of-Famer John Makey on the first play of the third didn't help the Colts. 

The teams fought through a tough third quarter 0-0, going into the forth and final quarter of play the bottom seed leading 14-7. 

The fourth quarter continued the same line for Unitas as the Hall of Famer finished the game 5 of 21 with an INT, and a sack for a loss of six. 

Rob Lytle was able to hit a few big runs late to lead Denver to a touchdown to seal the game late on a six yard run 21-7 final score.

That's right No. 1 '67 Baltimore Colts fall in game five.