Give TNA Time To Show What It's About

Bozz AlexanderContributor IJanuary 25, 2010

I knew I was witnessing something groundbreaking when Vince McMahon aired RAW to announce his ownership of WCW, but I was unhappy that a great company like Eric Bischoff's promotion, no matter how mis-managed it was, had come to it's end.

Wrestling may or may not have become stale in the people's eyes, everyone has different opinions, however, the one true winner out of those epic Monday nights were the fans. I'm not ashamed to say I lost interest and floated away from professional wrestling in the mid 2000's. I had reached my limit in a way but to deny the fact that it had brought me many happy entertained nights would be a lie.

For a few years, I occasionally tuned in while flicking through the channels but something had changed and I knew it. It wasn't the same somehow. Then came the date that may possibly save professional wrestling:

January 4, 2010.

This date has single-handedly re-kindled my interest in professional wrestling.

I can't understand the idea of how people can come and talk down whatever company they happen to dislike as if it was their creation, their money, their sweat and tears, their business, and their reputations on the line. Competition and competition alone brought the realms of wrestling into the eyes of millions.

When WCW raised their game, WWF would take it to another level and vice versa. It was a great time to be a wrestling fan and where the legends, that everyone is itching to see come back, were made.

If you prefer to see WWE's roster over TNA's older stars, then so be it, but to call it the "retirement home" or "WWE's rejects" is petty, childish, and a sure-fire way to pretty much convince the older fans how old YOU are that you can't appreciate the people who put it all on the line through wrestling's golden years.

By that logic, The Undertaker, Steve Austin and Jericho are WCW rejects, yet were some of the most infamous names in the WWF.

On January 5, people started their hate campaigns aimed towards TNA. Disliking Hogan as a person is one thing, but to totally trash the whole organization because you've got one or two DX shirts, a John Cena poster or perhaps because there was even a lack of John Cena and DX on your TV, is outright ignorant.

Let's say it together: It is acceptable to tune in to other shows. You don't get a medal for being loyal to television. I'm sorry, I have to chuckle when I hear "WWE for life" or "TNA for life." You guys that play those games need to get laid. Now I agree, the show wasn't amazing by any stretch of the imagination but give it some time.

A new creative team is on hand and these groups need time to adjust. Yes, the six-sided ring is gone and I'm not going to make the lame excuse that "TNA had a four-sided ring before the hexagon." but I must admit, the six sides made TNA different, but it's gone, accept it and move on. Oh but no, the PG fans got another one up their sleeves and that is that TNA's arena/stage/whatever you want to call it is considerably
smaller than WWE's.

I'd be willing to bet that those exact people have never watched an episode of the original ECW, the genius, Paul Heyman's, creation. The original ECW hosted their shows from the Hammerstein Ballroom, a sizable smaller venue than that of WWF/WCW, yet, their following of die-hard fans were crazy so it has no impact on the entertainment value of a wrestling show. TNA will need more time than WCW did to threaten the WWE because Ted Turner (WCW's owner) had blank checks ready to be written and television influences as well.

I repeat, TNA is not in the position WCW was back in the 90's when they beat Vince McMahons WWF in ratings for 86 weeks straight. But what they do have is the two people who orchestrated it allEric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. Whoever is really running the show behind closed doors needs to man up and fire Vince Russo though. The man has been a liability for 15 years but can we say WWE is inch perfect either?

As far as WWF goes, it was "edgier" and marketed to adults but with Stephanie McMahon firmly in the driving seat now along with her husband, Paul Levesque (Triple H), the PG era will roll and roll and roll. HHH needs to stick at what he's good at and that's wrestle and act. He is on the WWE's creative team and he shouldn't be even given a seat within ten miles of that table.

D-GenerationX have absolutely no reason to exist in today's RAW. Their gimmick of rebellious, not-giving-a-damn punks is useless with today's PG era. Instead, the two 40-somethings are distracted with selling merchandise and pandering to the crowds which is a pathetic ending and downright offense to the original group and the things they stood for.

It's obvious the NWO or "The Band" will be coming back to light in the coming months and even though a re-union is well off what the fans would like to see, it has a lot of possibilities where story-lines are concerned and personally, I'm willing to see where they go with this. The distinction between The Band and DX is that there are a lot of unanswered questions which is what made WCW and the original WWF great. Every star had inter-looping and interactive grudges & friendships with each other.

In TNA, not only do we have Hogan and Bischoff running the place, we have Hogan's issue's involving The Band and Kurt Angle, who in turn, has problems with AJ Styles, who is now friends with The Nature Boy Ric Flair. However, Bischoff has concerns of his own with Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett infuriating Hogan and Bobby Lashley on a rampage. To tie it all up, we have new stars debuting, Jeff Hardy back in action, the X-Division which I'm lead to believe will be given considerable attention in the coming weeks and an interesting tag-title scene.

But all that is needed to mould all this into a great wrestling show is TIME.

I've heard complaints that TNA doesn't allow their story-lines to last very long and this is totally a breath of fresh air. Little by little, week by week, month by month, Impact will improve. I guarantee it.

And what was done on January 4 is the only way forward.

For the good of professional wrestling, I hope fans of both promotions look at this issue by supporting the return of the Monday Night Wars. It will do more good for WWE than negative as both companies look to out-do each other, bringing you a more interesting and exciting product. Take Kurt Angles spit in Hogans face as a mock of WWE and not the re-doing of an old, yet obvious event.

Bottom line is, give TNA a chance because nothing is going to happen overnight.