Does CM Punk Really Think He's Our Savior Jesus Christ?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2010

Mr. Straight Edge Superstar, the alleged disciple and savior, has gone over the edge: He is currently a wrestler, preacher, barber, disciple, and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Catholic churches think that CM Punk has gone too far saying he is the savior. I agree with with this. Even though it's all scripted, the church doesn't look fondly upon this act.

How much are these people being paid to become one of Punk's groupies? They jump up out of the crowd, hop into the ring, and tell Punk that they want him to save them.

Punk will hug them, tell them that they are doing the right thing, and inform them that he will save them from their addictions and from themselves.

Last week on Smackdown, a 21-year-old woman went ballistic trying to get to Punk. Security was leading her out when Punk told them to bring her to him.

She said she wanted him to save her. Punk asked if she was an addict. She never said yes or no. Instead, she acted like she was star struck. Well, she was just asked if she was ready to be saved by her savior.

So Luke Gallows brought her a chair, and Punk shaved her head. Is Punk getting into the minds of all these young people? Do they actually think he is Jesus?

He does act, look, and talk as if he were. He has a good gimmick going on. I don't recall there ever being a straight edge superstar or someone thinking he is Jesus, a barber, a wrestler, and the perfect person who has never done anything wrong.

He never takes pills, drinks alcohol, or does drugs, either. To me, he is addicted to the gimmick he is running. He was my favorite wrestler because he is straight edge, but now, he acts like he is perfect.

Punk is always saying that he is better than everyone else. What and who made him so righteous...God?

Sorry if I have gotten any of you Punk fans worked up; this is just my opinion.

So, WWE Universe, do you think Punk is running on all four cylinders, or does he have bats in his belfry, lost a few marbles, have a few screws loose, and more?