LSU Tigers Take a Backseat To the New Orleans Saints

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LSU Tigers Take a Backseat To the New Orleans Saints
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Head Coach Sean Payton has officially led the New Orleans Saints out of the 40-plus years of wandering the gridiron wilderness.

The day I thought the Saints would go to a Super Bowl was the day I envisioned myself as a feeble old man, pulling an oxygen tank while hobbling with a new stainless steel left hip.

Check that—let's just say I never saw it coming.

It’s time to throw away those "Ain’ts" bags—hopefully for good.

The big question that permeates my mind at this juncture in the proverbial football world is whether LSU football will reign supreme in Louisiana now that the Saints have resurrected the soul of New Orleans—and the state as a whole.


See what I’m saying? It’s a quandary, isn’t it?

Here’s the question that keeps rolling around in my mind. Would fellow Louisianans rather have LSU go to the BCS Championship Game this year or the Saints go to the Super Bowl?

I don’t ever remember the absolute craziness after a win like what happened after the Saints beat the Vikings last night.

People were driving down neighborhood streets honking their horns. Firecrackers going off. Smiles, laughs, and cackling "Who Dat’s" filled the night air.

You would have thought the war against terror was over—or every resident of Louisiana won the lotto. I would dare say that even those scenarios wouldn’t have evoked the response that the Bayou State encountered last night.

Who knows the impromptu parties that began at neighbors' houses last night? That makes me laugh so hard. Nobody knows how to party like Louisiana peoples.

I’m sure the gross national product will show a dip in production as a direct result of the massive sick calls that were made this morning. It wouldn’t surprise me if there might have been "pickled" back room legislation attempts in making an official Saints day off after the big win.

So where do you stand, LSU fan?

I’m personally, fantastically jubilant about the "Who Dat" Nation.

Nothing warms my heart more in knowing the happiness in the hearts of the people who have believed in the black and gold for a very long time. I will admit that I’m a new believer.

Will the purple and gold get pushed back to the closet? Or does the black and gold get placed at a fingertip away?

One thing for sure: Those Tigers better get their act together soon, or Brees and company will turn Death Valley into just a great place to do something fun because the Saints aren’t playing. That’s a scary thought. 

The bandwagon is growing.

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