Indiana Hoosiers Are Outplayed and Outhustled By The Lowly Iowa Hawkeyes

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2010

Most of the fans filing into Assembly Hall had their minds on something other than the game that was about to be played on the court (The Indianapolis Colts AFC Championship game victory against the New York Jets).

Unfortunately for the players, it seemed that way as well.

Iowa took revenge for the shock loss last year at the hands of the Hoosiers and, while not playing great, took advantage of a poor Hoosier effort to win 58-43.

On a night when the Indiana Hoosiers were for the first time in two seasons, expected to win, they failed to bring their A, B, or maybe even C game onto McCracken Court.

The Iowa Hawkeyes played zone defense for almost the whole game and it really confused the Hoosier offense, which never really got into a rythem.

When there is a zone, the best way to defeat it is a lot of movement of the ball, or hitting three point shots.

However, the Hoosiers went 0-9 behind the arc, and the early misses really hurt the confidence of Jordan Hulls and Devan Dumes and put them in a pass first mentality instead of shooting it like they need to.

And to make matters worse, Indiana was outrebounded 34-21 by Iowa, including 17 of the 34 rebounds for the Hawkeyes being offensive rebounds.

On the season Indiana averages 36.5 rebounds per game.

Stop for a second and think. The Indiana Hoosiers recorded only four more total rebounds than Iowa had offensive rebounds.

And it wasn't that the Hoosiers were always in bad position.

Iowa just worked harder for their rebounds, and the Indiana guards didn't crash the boards like they had been recently, and they seemed determined to just watch the ball fall back into the hands of the visiting Hawkeyes.

To add to the failure on the boards, Indiana also had a season low three assists yesterday, about ten short of their average of 13.6 per game.

Indiana didn't score double digit points until there was 9:35 left in the first half, and finished the half with just 19 points, not scoring for the final 4:15 of the half.

It didn't get better from there, as Indiana went on a huge shooting slump, scoring only three points from the 13:23 mark to the 3:50 mark, a 10:13 minute span, and thanks to the 20 second chance points Iowa received, they finished with a deserving win over a team that showed little life during the whole game.

After the game Indiana coach Tom Crean said there would be plenty of changes coming.

"You might have seen the end of the three guard lineup" said Crean, referring to the lack of rebounding from the guards, Verdell Jones III, Jeremiah Rivers, and Jordan Hulls, who combined for just two rebounds.

After a game like this, how will the Hoosiers come back, and beat a good Illinois team on the road.

Have we really seen the end of the three guard lineup?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Let me know your thoughts.

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