Sports Guru Looks At The Mess of The Mets

Tim ListAnalyst IJanuary 25, 2010

Just how bad off are the New York Mets? Sports guru Toby Wachter thinks the team is in absolute shambles, creating a situation for the Queens-based baseball team where the Mets are a complete mess.
In a scathing editorial written for his Wachter Files column that is posted every week on the 360 multi-verse
The Heyman Hustle, Wachter writes:
Let’s be clear now: while the quality of the team you put on the field is important, and winning does sell tickets and merchandise, incompetent roster management doesn’t necessarily need to damage your brand. For example, the Chicago Cubs are a notoriously poor team (granted, some years better than others) that regularly sells out Wrigley Field regardless of how many times they fly the “W” flag. Why? Because they’ve built their brand around the Wrigley Field experience, which has the benefit of transforming every game into a party, win or lose.

And I’m sure beer sales get a boost when the heightened expectations fall. I can relate.

In terms of team management, the Mets are the perennial laughingstock of the league, if not the sports world. Want to quantify it?
Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci did, and the Mets far and away provided the least amount of value to their fans per dollar spent last decade.

And what a decade it was. Start at the World Series, decline, get Robbie Alomar and Mo Vaughn and watch their careers plummet, bring in Kaz Matsui from Japan with high expectations and watch him flop, trade Scott Kazmir for a power arm attached to bad mechanics and a blown elbow (bring in a new GM with “full autonomy” to wash away the PR disaster that follows), pay Pedro Martinez $56 million for one quality season, make the definitively mediocre Jeff Suppan and Jeff Weaver look like the collective second coming of Walter Johnson in the 2006 NLCS, lose 12 of your last 17 games to choke and lose a playoff berth in 2007, fly your manager out to the west coast in 2008 and fire him after one game in the middle of the night, watch your bullpen implode to miss the playoffs by one game for the second year in a row.

2009? Everyone gets injured, the manager laughs it off, the VP of Development acts like a psychopath and gets fired (the GM rats out a reporter during the press conference that follows), more players get injured, players lose morale and faceplant on fly balls, drop pop-ups in nationally broadcast games, forget to touch third base when coming home, and generally play sloppy baseball. All this in a brand new stadium charging premium prices for tickets to watch a terrible product in a bad economy.


The entire article, which is highly recommended, can be read HERE.
Wachter's bio says he is an expert in digital world, having worked in online content, marketing, and branding for the past ten years. His top shelf focus on sports, entertainment, and competitive gaming products has afforded him the notoriety of having marketed, promoted and covered games and their million dollar tournaments around the world. Aside from globetrotting, Toby has created fresh marketing concepts for new intellectual properties, and managed major content websites. And yes, he's worked in professional wrestling too. But let's not go there.