Floyd Mayweather Jr. Needs To Put On a Fresh Pair of Panties and Fight

Kevin RileyContributor IJanuary 25, 2010

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There are reports circulating the Internet that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is balking at the idea of fighting Shane Mosley. I can't say that I am surprised.

Truth be told, when Mosley first became available to fight Mayweather—after his Jan. 30 showdown with Andre Berto was canceled due to the devastating earthquake in Haiti—I trembled with excitement at the thought of the fight actually occurring.

I knew, just as everybody else knew, that Berto's unforeseen cancellation provided an unavoidable set of circumstances that would finally force Mayweather to step up and fight Mosley:

First of all, both boxers are currently fighting under the same umbrella—Golden Boy Promotions (GBP).

Secondly, there was already plenty of talk that Mosley would indeed be Mayweather's next opponent, after his fight with Berto.

Thirdly, he had just taken part in the most disappointing collapse in recent memory when negotiations to fight Manny Pacquiao died.

And finally, the aforementioned Pacquiao had already made a decisive and bold move when his promoter, Top Rank, announced he would be fighting Joshua Clottey next.

To the naked eye, it seemed like Mayweather was in a position where he would have to fight an opponent many people have said he's been avoiding. It was time for him to finally make some people happy; both his devout Mayweather-Mania disciples and the boxing public in general.

Then statements started to come out, and all that changed.

GBP's CEO, Richard Schaefer, made a predictable statement, something along the lines of, "I'm going to work 24 hours a day to make sure this fight happens."

And then Mayweather's posse made a statement that came out of left field, something along the lines of, "we know that the opportunity to stage a fight against Shane Mosley is now sitting in our laps. But we really think it would be a great idea for everybody to think about Andre Berto and the earthquake in Haiti instead."

Yeah, right.

"Money" Mayweather is suddenly some kind of sympathetic Mother Teresa and not the most opportunistic scoundrel in the history of boxing, comparable to the now deceased Kenneth Lay of Enron fame?

That was simply the first sign that this fight was headed in the wrong direction. And every single day that's passed since then without an announcement that the fight's been made, well...that would be the next sign.

In all essence, this was a fight that didn't even have to be made. It was a fight that just had to be scheduled and signed, that's it. But leave it to somebody like Floyd Mayweather Jr. to screw it up.

It's almost unbelievable. Almost.

If this fight does officially fall off the docket and disappear into oblivion like the Pacquiao fight, Mayweather will cement his legacy as the most hated man in the history of the squared circle.

But that's not what the people want to see, damn it!

What the people want to see is Floyd Mayweather Jr. put on a fresh pair of panties and fight. Even if it is, just so that they can see him, finally get knocked out.

Now that's what would make the people happy.


HELP FOR HAITI—As stated above, the Jan. 30 welterweight title unification fight between Shane Mosley and Andre Berto, a Haitian-American, was called off because of the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti.

But merchandise from the fight is still being sold, with net proceeds going to Haitian relief. Items are available at Mandalay Bay's The Fight Museum store in Las Vegas, and online at goldenboystore.com.