Why the Minnesota Vikings-New Orleans Saints Game was Won By a Coin Toss

Micah Chen@thechensterAnalyst IIIJanuary 25, 2010

It was a game for the ages. One team that had never made the super bowl and another had a quarterback that could be playing his last game.

The NFC Championship Game wasn't any fluke.  A good percentage of the football population knew that no matter what anybody else said, ultimately, this was going to be the matchup.

And a great matchup at that.  Two or three years ago, this would be a largely disappointing NFC Championship Game. Now, they are considered the cream of the crop of the NFC.

This was a game full of mistakes and stupid penalties, yet the fans watching at home and in the Superdome were on the edge of their couches and seats the entire game.

That place was loud! 102 decibels! Ninety to 95 decibels is considered the time when you start to lose hearing. One hundred two decibels! Yes, a dome had to play a part in this, but everybody's ears were ringing after that.

Brett Favre played like good old Brett would in pressure situations. He kept the Vikings within striking distance but still preserved enough drama to be behind by a touchdown or tied.

Then disaster struck. Favre went down hard with an injured ankle. Bobby McCray jacked up him pretty bad. Brett had to limp to the sidelines.

Well, of course, Vikings fans were on their knees praying that he was okay. After being taped with 15 miles of tape, Favre limped into the game determined, thinking that this might be his last game. I repeat, THINKING!

Now, I can't read minds, but I know that Favre put every ounce of strength into every throw after that injury. He played his heart out like a true American quarterback and led his team into overtime.

Yes, he had one ugly interception that brought the team into overtime, but he was the reason why they were really even entering overtime.

Then the referees started explaining the rules (don't you just love it when they show you what side is heads and what side is tails?). The Saints won the coin toss and got the ball first.

Well, the Saints scored a field goal just like that and the game was won.

One team jumping for joy, and the other team not even have touched the ball.

The game was won by a coin toss. There really was no other explanation.

Okay, I am glad the Saints won, but I almost feel guilty on how strange the overtime was. Just that feeling of not deserving the win.

I really do wish that they would change the rule so that every team would have at least one possession.

A fan had offered a great idea but was largely ignored by the league. Here would be the overtime rules: The teams would bid on yardage. For example, the first team would bid one yard, then the other, two yards, then three, and so on. When a team finally says, "Okay, I will stop, you get the ball at the 26-yard line."

Brilliant, I know. It would make overtime more entertaining and a whole lot less annoying.

Even worse, Brett Favre's last throw was an ugly interception. You know that won't make him retire happily.


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