50 Reasons Lebron Will Never Be A Knick...Hope You Have A Minute.

Rahsaan xContributor IJanuary 25, 2010

This article could be simply explained by taking a look at the Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks Box Score, Jan 24th at the "Mecca of Basketball" Madison Square Garden.  The Knicks didn't just lose they were "rocked", the Mavs led by as many as 53 and out worked the Knicks 70-31 over the middle two quarters, ending the game 128-78, crazzzy. The 50 point difference is a good enough reason to stay home, Side note, the Mavs only led by 2 points after the first quarter and oh yeah two starters weren't playing for the Mavs "The Great" Jason Kidd and Andew Bogut with a beard Erick Dampier. (current teammate Shaq called Dampier that on his Twitter when he played for the Suns, i know its old but i'm LMAO)

“On the plane back to #PHX, another Suns W. Bogut is Erika Dampier with a beard.”
- November 8th 10:14 PM

Thats Reason #50 - those 50 points!!!!

Let's Move On...

#49 - #34 -The current Knicks 15 man roster, Period!!! There line-up includes Jonathan Bender, Yeah!! Jonathan Bender..Enough Said!!! And they still have "Big Cat" Cattino Mobley on the roster.  I love Cuttino, but really, he retired two years ago, c'mon.

#33 -  The fact that the Knicks still have to pay Eddy Curry his player option of $11.3 million and Jared Jeffries his player option of $6.9 million and have about $10 million spread out amongst Robinson, Landry and Tony Douglas. This will leave them with only enough money to only sign him and we all know he is not going to New York without another All-Star calibar player signed. Currently New Yorks payroll is "Redonkoulous" $86 million, only $6 millon less then the Lakers $91 million payroll, do the math.

#32 - The Knicks are Bad SU & ATS and nobody wants to tick the Vegas bosses off.

#31 - The Knicks Uniforms are "kindA" Old School.  New Yorks uniforms are classic but there almost boring, sorry.

Bron' would have to share the lime light with

#30 - As funny as this may sound, CC.  Yeah i said it CC Sabathia, dude got a seven-year $161 million contract, crazy, CC's name rings bells in NY. He was the MVP of the WS against IMO the best team in baseball the Fightin Phillies and he's a all around good dude that everyone in New York loves and admires.  Do i have to mention sharing the VIP section with A-rod and Jeter, C'mon.

#29 - Doesn't want to Beef with Braylon Edwards anymore.  The King makes executive desicions, crazy.  Braylon was shipped to the Jets under strange circumstances, it has been mentioned that there wasn't enough room Cleveland for the two of them.

#28 - Jay-Z - Even though they both rep ROC Nation, There can only be one King.

#27, 26, 25 - Puffy, excuses me, P-diddy, sorry, Sean Combs, whatever he's going by is what people call him. The Dirty Money leadman has been Top 5 in the City for over a Decade straight. Those are numbers.

#24- 50 Cent - Not sure if they have any type of relationship, i know Lebron once hosted a Mixtape for Young Buck a ex- G-Unit member.  What this means is Lebron has done business with one of fif's enemies, which means 23 could potentially be mentioned in "How to Rob Part 2", Crazy....50th Power: Robert Greene & Curtis Jackson 'good reads.

#23 -TMZ - in Just Say Cleveland, popparot's camera don't click, i think James would perfer it like this.  NBA life could be tough, the post ups, the pick and roll's, the double teams and that's just dealing with the Ohio groupies, oops.

#21 - Mike D’Antoni's offense.  The Knicks offense is more Dwayne Wade then Lebron James.  "If Jeezy's Paying Lebron, I'm Paying Dwayne Wade" Jay-z "Empire State of Mind"

#20 - New York Traffic

#19 -David Lee. Lee is the only reason anyone would ever want to play in New York, amongst a few other things... but the Knicks have yet to re-sign him to the $50-$60 million deal that he’s going to require to be "NBA happy". Averaging 18 points and 10 rebounds is going to get him the big contract he deserves, but it won’t come from New York unless James, Bosh or Wade don't sign this summer.

#18 - Bootleggers - Lebron's doing movies now "More then a Game", he doesn't want to see his movies all over Canal Street alongside of "Bang Bros Dvds" and Wayne's "Da Drought mixtape" part 1 million.

#17 - Cleveland's Home!! Lebron was born in Akron, Ohio (Just say Cleveland) he was a three-time "Mr Basketball" in Ohio (Just say Cleveland) he was drafted #1 by CLEVELAND, (Just say Cleveland). On his lower right arm LB has tatted, "Akron", and "330" the telephone area code for Akron, Ohio.

#16 - Shaq Will Tweet All Types Of Smack...

#15 - LB23 is a Cowboys Fan, New York Giants Fans won't be having that.

#14 - Lebron admits to also being a Chicago Bulls Fans, Tru Knicks fans won't be having that.

#13- UFC isn't welcome in New York. For nine years, the UFC has led an effort to get mixed martial arts accepted, legalized and regulated through most of the USA, succeeding across three-quarters of the country, Not NEW YORK. Lebron is a long time Boxing and MMA Fan. James recently shot a NIKE commercial with former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. The Nike commercial called "Human Chain" was shot in Los Angeles, the premise of the ad is "overachieving with victory, getting knocked down and getting back up."

#12 - LeBron just bought a house for his mother in Bath township, Ohio.  Lebron and his mom are tight, Gloria doesn't want to move to the big city.

#11 - The Legacy – Magic ,Bird, Duncan, Kobe, and Michael (well mike, sort of) all have something crazy in common? Besides being the games greatest players they played for same team in the same town for there entire careers.  Lebron doesn't want to end up like my boy Allen Iverson, no offense to AI, he just should have never left Philly in the first place, otherwise i'd be mentioning him with the others, IMO.

#10 - #1 are being edited currently - but will be availble Next Sunday the 31st... Hope you've enjoyed my rant, my thoughts, my madness..... N.O. is going to the superbowl - thats awesome they deserve it...


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