San Diego Chargers: Is LaDainian Tomlinson Done in San Diego?

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IJanuary 24, 2010

LaDainian Tomlinson is easily the best running back of the decade. But at 30-years-old, age seems to be catching up to the nine year pro, as he hit an all time low in production and involvement in the offense.

All season there have been whispers that this may be LaDainian Tomlinson's last year in San Diego.

Some of the Charger faithful have lost hope in the two-time rushing champion, and LT isn't exactly ecstatic either.

In a recent interview , Tomlinson made it apparent he is not happy with the situation in San Diego, where he isn't getting the carries he feels he deserves.

"No I wasn't [happy]," Tomlinson said. "I wasn't happy. No one is going to be happy with the least touches of their career. I don't know any running back that would be happy with that. Absolutely not, I wasn't happy with not touching the ball as much as I thought I would."

When asked whether he would be returning to the Chargers next season, Tomlinson had this to say:

"I can't really answer that right now to be fair. I need to give myself a little more time before I could really say."

Tomlinson went on to say that he isn't ready to retire or willing to take a pay cut, either.

Unfortunately for those fans still faithful to the veteran running back, he is left contemplating his return on a sour note.

As it currently stands, the future Hall of Famer's final play as a Charger is a failed third down conversion; he was booed off of the field by ungrateful fans.

While making a decision this offseason, Tomlinson will have a lot to consider:

1). If he remains in San Diego, will he continue to be under-used and under appreciated as he plays second fiddle to the passing game? And would he be better utilized somewhere else?

2). Can he win a championship in San Diego? And if not where would he have the best chance?

3). Does he choose to remain on a team that he helped build and make great with years of hard work? Because now he is an after thought to Phillip Rivers and the passing game.

Or does he start over on a new team, in a new city?

On a new team he may get the chance to be that go-to-guy again, and play for a team where fans actually appreciate him.

Or Tomlinson may just end up in the exact same situation he is currently in, as his career fades into obscurity.