Arizona-Arizona State: In the Sean Miller Show, 'Cats Dominate Devils

Rick PowellContributor IJanuary 24, 2010

PHOENIX - MARCH 27:  Head coach Sean Miller of the Xavier Musketeers watches his team play against the West Virginia Mountaineers during the first half of the West Regional Sweet 16 game at the U.S. Airways Center on March 27, 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

All summer blockbusters have a few things in common: Big time actors, big time directors, and jaw dropping trailers.

Arizona Wildcat fans got to see a preview of what Sean Miller's Wildcats will be Saturday night against Arizona State and, unlike Avatar , the 'Cats will not disappoint.

The Arizona Wildcats (10-9; 4-3) absolutely dominated the game from about the eight-minute mark in the first half on. Arizona has been plagued by slow starts throughout the season, developing a pattern of not being able to claw back in.

The slow start in Tempe, however, was quickly forgotten as the 'Cats shot 75 percent (18-24) in the second half.

Kyle Fogg continues to shine brightly, yet quietly, for the 'Cats. Fogg, who had 21 points and led all scorers, has been a much-needed breath of fresh air for the struggling 'Cats and is the Best Supporting Actor nominee for this future blockbuster.

He is exactly the type of four-year player the Wildcats have needed at guard and, while future talent may take away from his minutes, you can expect Fogg to play a significant role throughout his career in Tucson.

Derrick Williams continues to surprise with his strength and agility inside. At only 6'8", Derrick Williams is too small to jump to the NBA and play as a power forward, which means he can continue to play the four at Arizona for the next couple of years.

Williams consistently manipulated the mismatch inside, being too quick for Eric Boateng and too strong for Rihards Kusiks.

More importantly, in a college basketball nation that has more East Coast bias than Tiger Woods has mistresses, Arizona has developed some East Coast swagger.

The swagger was apparent after a hard foul by Kevin Parrom against ASU's Ty Abbott. Abbott was visibly upset and attempted to go after Kevin Parrom.

In a move that would normally energize a home crowd and swing momentum in favor of the offended party, the 'Cats used it as motivation to extend their lead to 20.

Parrom obviously got in Abbott's head, as he played poorly for the rest of the game and even refused to shake Parrom's hand after the contest.

Finally, we arrive at the role of director. Sean Miller outcoached Herb Sendek, plain and simple. All of the talk of student vs. teacher was thrown out pretty early as it became clear that the Wildcats had ASU's number.

A lot was made nationally of ASU's 1-3-1 defense, but having only been used against weaker teams, the defense was brutally exposed.

With tremendous penetration by Nic Wise and Momo Jones, the zone collapsed and allowed for kickouts to Jamelle Horne and Kyle Fogg. The 'Cats also pounded the ball down low, outplaying the Devils in the post.

The Wildcats found their swagger against ASU on Saturday night and convinced the Arizona faithful that the equilibrium of college basketball in Arizona still favors the University of Arizona.

And, while Arizona may or may not be a NCAA tournament team, the one thing that is absolutely apparent is the Sean Miller Show has arrived in Tucson. Oscar nominations to follow.