The NFL, NBA, and MLB Kick Off the Relay for Life 2010

Blaine SpenceSenior Writer IJanuary 24, 2010

Last May, I wrote two articles in support of the American Cancer Society and their premier fundraising event—The Relay for Life: From Bill Walsh to Bleacher Report, from Tragedy to Hope and Outreach of Hope: The Dave Dravecky Story.

The planning and fundraising for this year's event(s) have already started with kickoff events around the country with participation and support from pro sports teams from the MLB, the NBA, and the NFL.

Our local event was a huge success, and I again plan on writing articles in support of this year's event.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who responded with such great support, but also to address an issue that has arisen over the last few months.

There are some people who believe that the cure for cancer has already been found, so they choose not to support events such as this. Most of those who have expressed this view to me have been very respectful, so I want them to know that I respect their views.

However, I find it very hard to believe that such a large conspiracy could exist, or that there would be so many heartless people in the world to pull off such a scandal.

Call me naive, but how many diseases or conditions has modern science actually cured? The common cold? Nope. Baldness? Nope...and Rogaine sucks! Diabetes, muscular dystrophy, AIDS, heart disease? No in each case.

Yet somewhere out there is a cure for more than 200 types of cancer? And the general public doesn't know about it?

There have been many great breakthroughs as far as vaccines, medicines, treatments, and even alternative medicine should not be discounted, but actual cures remain elusive.

Please also remember that much of the money raised is used for research that has brought us the PAP, PSA, and CA-125 tests and mammography, educating the people about getting exams, advocacy that has made possible smoke-free buildings, and the $1 tax on tobacco products, not to mention the many services and programs available to cancer patients and their families.

Yes, I also know that the chemicals we use and the pollutants we add to our environment are responsible for many of the aforementioned conditions. However, would you be willing to go to a children's oncology ward and tell a three-year-old with cancer that you can't support him because we humans caused his predicament?


So is cancer.

OK, enough of that!

I also wanted to republish the tribute to all of the friends and family members of Bleacher Creatures that have battled cancer, which was originally published at the end of the Dravecky article. I want this to be a living document, so please feel free to edit it and add anyone you know that has battled cancer and touched your life. If you don't have editing access then please contact me on my bulletin board or through the PM system.

If you would like to be a part of this year's Relay, please contact me at

Talk to you all soon!

Please join me in your hearts while we honor the following Bleacher Report writers who have had family members and friends stricken by cancer:

Gray Ghost: Grandson Josiah

Brian Clothier: Grandmother and uncle

Cameon Shiflett: "...cancer has hit my family so hard."

Patti Rodisch: Grandmother

Nick Signorelli: Father

Jeff Hubbard: "I'm guessing cancer cheated. I never saw Paul lose before."

Cassnadra Adkins: Herself a two-time cancer survivor and huge Cubs fan!

Ethel Lair: "Many lost to cancer, but many more healed!"

Tyler Spence: Grandfather Tex

Kara Martin: "I've experienced personal loss due to cancer in my own family."

Tim Coughlin: Father—prostate cancer survivor; Aunt—stomach cancer survivor

Nick Colon: Mother—three-time cancer survivor

Craig Brown: Mother battling metastatic terminal lung cancer

Cecelia Tameta: "I have some family members who got afflicted by this deadly disease."

Patrick Mauro: "I found out today that a friend has breast cancer."

Hazen Vennard: "I have two friends with their mothers diagnosed with breast cancer, and my neighbor up at college was diagnosed with testicular cancer."

B Brand: "I lost my mother to cancer six years ago...Have an aunt who has beaten both breast cancer and colon cancer."

Richard Marsh: Mother

Mark Smith: Grandmother—multiple survivor.

Jamie Ward: "I lost two grandads to cancer, one in march and one a couple of years ago; also, my girlfriend had breast cancer eight months ago but caught it early, luckily."

Mary Jo Buchanan: "I lost my sister-in-law Shelly Bombardo after a three-year battle of breast cancer at the age of 43."

Doug Rush: Father

Robert Domaine: Aunt Teresa died of cancer.

Marissa Kerby:  grandma and grandpa....both recent cancer survivors 

Nick Feely: "My mother battled and beat cancer once when I was 8, and then again when it returned when I was 15.  She is the toughest person I will ever know."

Sear Serritella: Aunt

Rojo Grande: "Sadly, my dad lost his battle (brain tumor) over 20 years ago. My mom recently got a clean report after battling abdominal cancer."

Damali Binta Yael: My Aunt Barbara died of lung cancer in Feb. 2006. Before she retired, she taught the third grade for 40 years and she was one of my mentors when I was in high school.

Leroy Watson Jr.: "I never met my maternal grandfather, as he died when my mother was just 9 years old due to the ravages of colon cancer. My mother's older sister died of throat cancer when I was in junior high, and I saw her in the hospital days before she passed. It was absolutely terrible. She barely looked human. My mother is a two-time survivor of breast cancer. So to say that I want to see a cure for cancer is quite the understatement."


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