Three Jealous Divas Try To Break Mickie Jamess' Spirit

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2010

What has wrestling come to? Can someone explain it to me? The divas of Smackdown are supposed to act like human beings and not some jealous little b******.

There are three in particular, Michelle McCool, Layla, and the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix. On Smackdown last night, McCool and Layla were in the ring and they had a table with punch and piggy cakes along with some balloons.

The duo said it was a going away party for Mickie James (they call her Piggy James). Why, where was Mickie going?

Michelle and side kick Layla have been taunting and belittling Mickie ever since she was traded to Smackdown from RAW. Maria has befriended Mickie and are great friends and tag team partners.

I guess you could call McCool and Layla  the bad girls of wrestling, because they are not any pleasure to be around.

As the show went on, the bad girls called Mickie out, but, instead they got Maria. She is a gifted wrestler in her own right. Maria really wouldn't let Michelle or Layla get a word in edge wise.

A few minutes later after the three in the ring had words with each other, Mickie's music came on and the beautiful Mickie came down to the ring. She and Michelle had some heated words.

Mickie informed McCool that she wasn't going anywhere and that she was a real women and explained to the high and mighty ones what a real woman really is, and it wasn't the two standing in front of her.

One thing led to another, they started scrapping and then the Glamazon ran into the ring and stood there watching, not able to make up her mind which two to help. She went after Maria then Mickie.

From there is was a three on one. The Glamazon held Mickie while the two witches pushed a cake in her face and poured punch over her head. The three were laughing and Mickie was in the middle of the ring crying.

She looked so helpless and my heart went out to her. She had mascara running down her face. She was deeply humiliated and embarrassed. Was Mickie's spirit broken and will she stay at Smackdown?

I have a feeling that Mickie James will get retribution, revenge if you will. This isn't over and if I was Layla and Michelle, I would be looking over my shoulder. And Beth Phoenix, you're day is coming too.

All three are playing with fire. There's nothing worse than a scorned woman and Mickie is that woman. She isn't going to rest until they all feel her wrath.