Derrick Rose Drafted by Chicago, but Bulls Still Have Questions to Answer

asdfasdf asdfasdfSenior Analyst IJune 27, 2008

So the Bulls got their guy.

The rebuilding of the Chicago Bulls can officially begin now that the workouts are over, the debate is done, and they ended up with point guard phenom Derrick Rose.

The only question that remains now is, what's next?

Drafting Rose is a great start to a rebuilding process that hopes to bring the Bulls back to the playoffs. But there is still a lot to be done before the Bulls can start fitting Championship rings. Here are five questions the Bulls must answer before they begin their 2008-09 campaign.


What Are the Bulls Going to Do with Their "Other" Guards?

After drafting Rose the Bulls have a logjam at the guard position. Either Kirk Hinrich or Ben Gordon (or perhaps both) is sure to be moved to make room for Rose.

The Bulls could justify moving either one of them and could get decent value for both as well. Moving Hinrich makes more sense as he's the team's incumbent point guard, but moving Gordon would probably be easier in that he's a restricted free agent.

The ideal situation would be for the Bulls to trade Hinrich for a big man since they passed on Michael Beasley in the draft. The Clippers are shopping Elton Brand because he'll be an urestricted free agent starting July 1, and it's possible that the Wizards would do the same with Antawn Jamison.

A sign-and-trade involving one of those two coming to Chicago for Hinrich would be a great fit to fill the Bulls' low-post scoring woes. Whether a deal could get done or is even on the Bulls' radar remains to be seen.


How Are the Bulls Going to Address Their Low-Post Scoring Issues?

As stated previously, guys such as Brand or Jamison are a possibility to come to Chicago. If the Bulls don't make a move before July 1 they can hopefully make a strong push for either one once free agency starts.

Unfortunately there aren't a ton of other big man options out there in free agency unless they wanted to go cheap and take a shot at Kwame Brown or Josh Childress.

An alternative possibility is for them to stand pat and just add a guy like Primoz Brezec, Jamaal Magloire, or Theo Ratliff for depth. It's a risk to hope that Tyrus Thomas and/or Joakim Noah can develop into solid big men, but with Rose in the equation it's not far-fetched to think that one or both of them can turn into a great rebounder and solid scorer.

Just look at what Chris Paul did for the career or Tyson Chandler.


One thing's for sure, the Bulls aren't done shopping. John Paxson all but said that he's going to move one of his guards, and what they can get for Hinrich and/or Gordon remains to be seen.

But Bulls fans can bet that the team they see now won't nearly resemble the one they'll see come October.