New England Patriots: Greetings Patriots Fans From the NFL Void

Mike DussaultSenior Analyst IJune 27, 2008

You know when Patriots uber-blogger Mike Reiss takes a two-week vacation, you're in the final, and the most brutal, stretch of the NFL Off-Season, or as I call it—"The Void." Somewhere deep down inside the pit of my stomach, the small initial spark of excitement for the 2008 NFL season ignited as we passed the one-month mark until training camp opens. Thus, I began preparations for the season ahead.

My five tasks accomplished this week:

1. Somehow managed to find and purchase two just-over-face-value tickets to the Patriots vs. Chargers Sunday Night clash in early October on eBay. The Football Gods have been generous before when New England travels to San Diego, a.k.a. Whale's Vagina, and they came through again. Now, I just need to convince the sister to fly out for it.

No one talks more trash than the Chargers and their fans before the game, nor cries harder after they lose. The only thing that scares me is that, with all that talent, they have to beat the Pats at some point, right? And I'd prefer not to be there when it happens. Oh wait, Phillip Rivers is still their quarterback? Never mind.

2. Avoided buying a new Pats hat. Or car sticker.

3. Purchased ticket to Seattle where myself and Seahawks superfan Bish will witness the carnage on December 8th. This trip has been a long time coming, and will make the third NFL stadium for me in case anyone is keeping score.

By all accounts Seattle has the loudest stadium in the league and some of the most passionate fans. I'm looking forward to wearing my new Silver Moss jersey in the middle of the madness.

4. Successfully created Cinnamon Toast Crunch Ice Cream. You have to find things to keep yourself occupied during "The Void".

5. Capped yet another 19-0 Season in Madden. I don't cry about the real Pats didn't make it to 19-0. I go 19-0 all the time in Madden. The Patriots just won their fifth-straight Super Bowl led by unstoppable halfback Mo Mason and super star linebacker Jake Ausberry.

28 days until training camp opens!