"All Leaf Players Should Be On Trading Block"

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IJanuary 24, 2010

 No exceptions, every last Leaf player should be available for trade come trade time.

I can not imagine players taking everything for granted, oh-hum, I'm here now, I have made the big time, now I can take it easy: That is the attitude, or it sure as hell looks that way.

The  two-zip loss to a horrible Florida team put the icing on the cake; it was the worst display of N.H.L. hockey that I have seen in years.

I can tell you Mr. Burke and coach Wilson, you had better be very active come trade dead-line, or some heads will role.

What the hell do the Leafs work on at practice : IT SURE AS HELL IS NOT THE PK, OR PP.

Don't anyone from the Leafs give me that garbage any more about re-buildinng: I am talking about special team play, and basic fundamentals of the game of hockey.

Professional hockey players that can't even play basic hockey,..come on!!.

A team that leads the N.H.L. in shots, and can not hit the net on a power play, or get a shot on net for that matter: they can not be obsorbing a hell of a lot at practice.

To make things worse, the Leafs stand a good chance of being the worst penalty kill team in N.H.L. HISTORY,.now isn't that something for a coaching staff to be proud of.

So in this case, there are only two group (s) of people to blame: coaching-staff or player (s).  

Ron Wilson, and Burke, are very smart hockey people and I would suggest they start showing the players that mentality, so the respect and discipline may return.

Every last player on the Leaf roster should be reminded: not only is the trade deadline drawing near: But you as Pro Hockey Players, seem to have forgotten, just what it took to get to the N.H.L.

"Making the N.H.L. is one-thing, staying in the N.H.L. is another thing".

All the fans want, is a good honest effort, not just a team going through the motions.

Trust me, everyone of you "Blue and White"- You will not last very long in the N.H.L. with the type of display that I seen performed against Floida.