Day Of The NFC Championship Game

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Day Of The NFC Championship Game
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      It is the Day of the NFC Championship and it has been the MOST Unbearable Week ever. I imagine it has been this way for any fan especially New Orleans Saint's Fans.

     We havent ever seen our team make it to the Superbowl. I hope that Superbowl 44 is finally the one. I am sure fans all across the world have dawned their Saints attire all week and supported our team like we always do. It is in their hands now even with Reggie with the flu and Deuce on the sideline. We know that Sean has gotten the Troops ready for battle like he always does.

     This is my thought before the BIG GAME. If Superbowl 44 is not the one then we all know it will come. I am not giving up on the game I just want to clarify that we will still BELIEVE in our team. A Saints Fan is a TRUE FAN and has seen hardships probably alot more than our fair share. I am sure everyone has seen the bandwagon jumpers this year and they are new to us because they have stayed off our wagon in the past.

      Well I have spent all week reading and watching all that is out there it seems it is about half and half who will win. I know all who are Saints Fans want to see Saints vs Colts but only time will tell. I dont want any fans to get discouraged when they see the bandwagoneers go to another team if we are not in that number.

Even Though I Think This May Be Our year ! ! ! (still trying to contain myself just wanted to get this out)

I also predict it to be a Hard Fought Game.

**GEAUX SAINTS**      **WHO DAT**  

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