McNeese State: This Years Appalachian State?

Gage ArnoldCorrespondent IJune 27, 2008

What is it that draws us in, like obese people to a buffet, to college sports? Why it is plain and simple, the underdog, the upset, the unsung hero.

We get home from weeding out the garden, or mowing the lawn, or washing the car and we tune in to see Stanford driving down the field on USC and win on their fourth down "heave and catch" from their third string QB none-the-less.

This kind of thing makes us come back wanting more: the excitement, the fulfillment, the joy. And the fact that Stanford was a wopping 41 point underdog just adds to the story book tale.

Even before the Stanford miracle, we had another underdog take the ENTIRE world by suprise and shock the Michigan Wolverines, in their own house! These Mountainiers proved the slipper fit.

Well now the question arrises, will Appalachian State repeat again? While this very well seems possible, they have lost too many players, and their reign atop the FCS Football World could be rightfully coming to an end.

So if the Mountainers are suppposedely done, then who will take over and claim the crown this year? Well, the McNeese State Cowboys have all the places in line for a run that would bring reminders of Appy State.

To start, they begin their season against a FBS opponent, coincidence? Well I think not, they begin their season with North Carolina, which isnt to the caliber of Michigan, but they still are a Div. I team in the end.

This starts the table of momentum and cofidence for these Cowboys and puts them on the map.

So who is going to make this whole run happen for them?

Well they are led by a gritty, hard-nosed coach in Matt Viator who has installed an "expect to win" philosophy in these players and they play it out on the field as shown by an undefeated regular season last year (11-1), and an unprecedented 17-3 over the past two years.

They also have the perfect ring-leader for their run as duel threat QB Derrick Forroux who passed for over 2,000 yards and rushed for over 500 yards last season.

This man seems like someone we've seen before, hmmm, oh yeah, sounds a little like Armanti Edwards, the QB who led Appy State over Michigan.

They also return four starting offensive lineman, and a steady group of skill players including Steve Whitehead who was out all last year with a leg injury.

So with this you see, McNeese State has the tools on the field and the mindset in the locker room, to take the next step to greatness this year as Appy State did last year.

Now we will have to wait and see this year play out as we are in for another great season of college football.

Geaux Cowboys!