Eighth-Ranked Tennessee Vols Fall To Georgia Bulldogs 78-63

Patrick MacCoonContributor IJanuary 23, 2010

Georgia entered this game with a record of 8-8 and they were already off to an 0-3 start in SEC play, but for some reason though they came out onto their home court with tons of confidence.  Not to mention the crowd was hyped up for the game big time. 

Many would think that they were like this just because it was a big rivalry game, considering the Bulldogs were taking on their hated rivals the No. 8 in the nation Tennessee Volunteers.  When you looked at this game on paper though it was easy to see that the Vols were way more talented than the Bulldogs.  Well that's true but they didn't play like they were.

The Volunteers held a 4-2 lead with 18 minutes left in the first half after a dunk by the big freshman Kenny Hall, but that would be the only lead they would have in the game from then on out as the Bulldogs ran away with the game.

By halftime the Bulldogs were holding a very comfortable lead as they were up 42 to 27.  They had dominated the first half on the great play from Trey Thompkins and the dunk-master Travis Leslie.  They had shot over 50 percent from the field while the Vols were shooting well under 40 percent. 

Not to mention it seemed as if every single one of the Bulldogs players were a foot taller than every other Volunteer as they were easily dominating in the rebound category.  The star of the team, Thompkins, had put up 14 points already and to go along with that Travis Leslie had put up nine.  The Bulldogs would never look back.

With the clock winding down to zero, the fans in Stegeman Coliseum rose to their feet and applauded the Bulldogs who had just upset the eighth ranked Volunteers 78 to 63.  The Bulldogs had just dominated the Vols in every aspect of the game, literally.

Trey Thompkins lead the Bulldogs in scoring as he put up 21 points and right behind him was Travis Leslie who finished with 19. 

This is a huge win for the Dogs as they notched their first SEC win and got their confidence up sky high.  Their next challenge will be against the Florida Gators, who have struggled as well this season. 

As for the Vols this is just a minor setback.  As now their record in the SEC is at 3-1 and overall record is at 15-3.  Their next game will be Wednesday against the Vanderbilt Commodores. 

The Commodores will be another tough matchup for the Vols as they have been playing great basketball this year and they have some big guys in their lineup that the Vols could have trouble with.  So the Vols need to regroup the next few days and come up with a good gameplan after this loss.

As for the Bulldogs right now, they couldn't be any happier as they have just upset the Vols 78 to 63.  Maybe this was a payback for the the football game this year when the Vols killed them 45 to 19.  Well I guess it's even now.