Miguel Tejada Re-Signs with the Orioles

Christopher Chavez@@Chris_J_ChavezAnalyst IIJanuary 23, 2010

According to multiple sources, Miguel Tejada will be back with the Orioles next season.

The former American League MVP has signed a one-year $6 million deal to return to Camden Yards, where he played with the Orioles for four years. Last year he played with the Houston Astros and put up decent numbers.

The Orioles were looking to bolster their defense at the infield corners this off-season. With the Miguel Tejada deal, the Orioles can now play Tejada at third base or shortstop, while Garrett Atkins can move to first base.

The deal will soon be completed after Tejada takes a physical soon. Tejada has been doing relief work in Haiti, which is neighbor to his homeland, the Dominican Republic. Some of the workers from his home are Haitian and lost family in the aftermath of the earthquake. Others have yet to find about their families.

Tejada took a helicopter filled with food, water, and clothes to the site of the disaster.

In the past, Tejada has been made out to be a bad guy because he took performance enhancing drugs. Anyone that takes performing enhancing drugs and is a role model to kids sets a bad example. But Tejada's recent actions show that there is a good man within him.

If a contract were given to a player because they were a nice person, Tejada earned his with the Orioles with the relief work he has done. After seeing the disaster in Haiti, Tejada went back home a changed man according to family. He said, "I told [friends and family], 'You have to appreciate what you have. You have to respect life.' It has really affected me." 

With some of the recent moves that the Orioles have made, it shows that they are determined to win. They are in the American League East, the home of the defending champions, the New York Yankees. The Orioles may still have a few holes to fix, but Tejada's talent makes filling those holes a bit easier.