Rey Mysterio-Smackdown: Rey Calls Out Taker, Then Gets Attacked By Batista

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2010

Last night on Smackdown, Rey Mysterio called out the Undertaker. The dead man came out and Rey told him that he had a dream come true four years ago when he became World Heavyweight Champion.

Taker told him that he is playing with fire and digging his own grave. Taker said that no one is going to make a name for themselves by beating him.

Rey wasn't intimidated by the Phenom at all, even though he should've been. I mean look at Undertaker's career statistics, his size, strength, and perseverance. Taker has a 17-0 winning streak at Wrestlemania. Mind games and intimidation can also be added to that list.

Undertaker considers the ring his yard, the devil's playground, and he doesn't like anyone playing in it. If he could get away with it, he would put up a sign that says R.I.P. or enter at your own risk.

As for Rey Mysterio, he is all heart and guts. He never backs down from a challenge and never gives up, much like John Cena. Both are great competitors. Mysterio could be lying in the middle of the ring, not able to move, but will reach down inside and pull out something.

That is called guts, heart, and pride. Rey has resiliency and does the impossible. There's never a sense of dullness when he competes. Last night on Smackdown he proved that when he and the Undertaker were face to face in the middle of the ring.

You could feel the respect between these two. Neither one is afraid of the other. I applause Rey for his talent and his ability to never give up.

Dave Batista knows how his ex-friend, Rey, is. Rey has beaten Batista and ended his quest for the Taker's belt. Batista has been livid, angered, and ballistic ever since he pummeled Rey after a triple threat match.

Batistia, also known as The Animal, thinks that Rey was trying to screw him over and stab him in the back. That's when Batista turned heel. Las night, you could tell something was going to snap. And it did. The Animal brutalized Rey.

Week after week since that night, whenever Rey fought, Batista came out and vice versa. Last night was no different.

After Taker left the ring, and was walking up the exit ramp, Rey yelled to Taker that he isn't like everyone else and he's right.

Out of nowhere came Batista, who grabbed Rey from behind and power bombed him. This is how psychotic and dangerous Batista has become.

Earlier in the evening, Finlay battled against the animal and it almost put him out of action. He wants that title and he isn't going to stop until he gets it.