Charlotte Bobcats: Now I Know Why They Lose

Matt SmithSenior Analyst IJune 27, 2008

This is an open letter to the Charlotte Bobcats, because their recent picks in the 2008 NBA draft have made me rethink why I even try to pull for this team.

Dear Bobcats,

In lue of your recent picks in this 2008 NBA draft, I am returning my fan card to the front desk.  Sure maybe I haven't been able to watch every game, mainly because you charge Boston Celtic's prices for a high school product. Also, because you are never on television because you are garbage.

But with your recent picks I have to blame it on you, not the basketball culture in the state of North Carolina.

You've been with us since 2004, and every year I think you're going to get better and better. But what do you do?  You disappoint me.

You're the red headed step-child in a family of clean cut All-Americans.

Let's see, you pick up the No. 20 pick from the Nuggets and I think, wow, look at the Bobcats making moves to get some good players after signing a proven winner as a coach.  Great move guys, you almost had me!

Then you choose with the No. 9 pick, D.J. Augustin.  Now he's a great guy, NCAA First Team All-American even.  But he's not what you need.  You have an All-American and National Champion point guard, his name is Raymond Felton if you've forgot.

You needed a combo or shooting guard to help Felton out who had to play shooting guard at times last year. Then you pass on Jerryd Bayless, a guard that can handle the ball and shoot for days.  Hope this undersized point guard solves your shooting guard problem, even if you decide to trade Felton to the Knicks which has been rumored today by the New York Daily News.

And let's see, with No. 20 you pick a French project in Alexis Ajinca?  The man averages 5.4 rpg and 5 ppg in Europe.  Sure they don't play as many minutes as players over here, and he is 7'1'', but is that really going to help you now?  Fans want wins now. If you wanted a big man, pick Brook Lopez, who went 10th, with your ninth pick and pick up a later round shooting guard here.

Yes Charlotte you did pick up a shooting guard in the second round in Kyle Weaver, but there were better picks and smarter decisions to be made earlier.  Fans want to win now and while I hope these picks pan out, they don't make sense.

Larry Brown has won more titles and more games than I could ever hope to even imagine, but I hope he knows what he's doing.  Having to compete with national powerhouse college teams is hard enough to do without more "growing pains."

As for now I will remain a fan, but if Jordan, Brown, and the rest of the Bobcats don't shape up the franchise soon, they could go the way of the Hornets and leave for a better city, more success, and more money.


Matt Smith