Can the Cavs Survive Without Mo and Delonte?

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IIJanuary 23, 2010

It's a good thing Jamario Moon is on his way back from injury. Both Mo Williams and Delonte West are going to be out for a sufficient amount of time for the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers defeated a tough Lakers team on Thursday, but it cost them their backup point guard. Now the Cavaliers need to regroup and find a way to get wins without their play caller.

Fog Raw sprained his left shoulder in a game against the Raptors and Delonte broke his left ring finger against the Lakers. Now Boobie Gibson is left to run point. I assume Coach Brown will also give AP some time at the point.

Jamario Moon is looking to return to floor on Monday against the Heat, but isn't 100% sure. In an interview on Friday Moon said, "Whenever I see my uniform hanging in my locker, that's when I know I'm back." I think he's probably healthy enough to play tonight against the Thunder, but his return date looks more like Monday when the Cavaliers face Miami. I don't expect to see Moon play more than 20 minutes, unless of course he lights it up.

With tonight's game being an exception, the Cavaliers are hitting a fairly easy section on their schedule. After tonight's contest against the Thunder, the Cavaliers face the Minnesota, Indiana, the Clippers, Memphis, New Jersey, and New York.

It appears Mo will sit at least an entire month, maybe even longer depending on his progress. Delonte West's injury is questionable as of right now. I would expect Coach Brown to do the same he did to Moon to West. Just shut him down for a couple weeks to make sure the injury is completely healthy come late April for the playoffs.

The only thing the Cavaliers have to worry about is the Celtics. Boston is currently 3.5 games behind the Cavaliers for first place in the East, and they just got back Kevin Garnett Friday night. The C's are hitting a tough upcoming schedule however. They face the Hawks, Magic, and Lakers in their next four games.