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TNA Impact: In Hogan We Trust???

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 18:  Hulk Hogan addresses the audience during a press conference for 'Hulkamania - Let The Battle Begin' at Star City on November 18, 2009 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images.
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Bradley HicksContributor IJanuary 23, 2010

"In Hogan we trust" is a quote that seems to draw mixed emotions from most people you speak to. On one hand, everyone is up in arms about the 4 sided ring (63% of voters on BR said they want the 6 sides back), when Hulk unveiled the "new" ring, he was drowned out in chants of "We want six sides"..... Yet, when he comes out with Easy E, the music is drowned by "Hogan" chants, then again when he steps into the 4 sided ring.... Can wrestling fans make up their mind??? I can - I like the 4 sides, call me traditional, call me stupid, but I like it...


I have only just finished watching Impact for tonight, it is currently 0100 Sunday 24.01 and I feel compelled to write this tonight instead of tomorrow, because I have some pressing questions to ask...

1. Where was Jeff Hardy, and where was the Motor City MachineGuns??? These are huge crowd pullers for TNA, and they are not even given a spot. Spots taken up by The Nasty Boys (please, if I have to see Knobs jump in the air again I may throw up...), Kevin Nash and a 3 part interview involving Bubba and Double J...

Again with the trust in Hogan - the young guys are not being given a proper go yet, he still has The Nasty Boys, Hall and Waltman taking up valuable time for what I see as no gain.... Can we actually trust what he says?


2. What the hell is with the New Years Resolutions????? What a ridiculous waste of time they were... And why the hell is Bubba Ray (Sorry, Brother Ray) wearing a MMG shirt?? Anyway - these ridiculuos spots are taking up valuable time, TNA only has 2 hours a week, filling it with shit promos from "The Band" and New Years Resolutions, Hulk trying to be a "General Manager" of sorts isn't getting them anywhere.



It is good to see Morgan and Hernadez with the Tag Belts... They are two young guys who truly deserve the belts they are wearing, they work hard, are good with the crowd and easily liked... Why they had to end a decent match with a pathetic setup is beyond me... The dynamic duo of EB / VR strikes again...

The match between Jordan and Burke was just getting going, with The Pope starting to make a move, then what, a move on the knee, a DDT and wham, bam, thank you pope - its all over.... On a DDT.... Why are we spending less and less time on the actual matches, this could have been a lot better with more alloted time... Which brings me to the Knockout match for the evening......

How good is it to see Angelina Love back.. She is an acomplished wrestler, and to see her turn on The Beautiful People last week was excellent - I loved it..... And what about that Bicycle kick to Maddison's head!!!! Great finish.... Again, like most of the Knockout's matches, it could have been longer. But hey, good to see Love pick up the win, only to be beaten down by Velvet Sky, Lacey Von Botch Queen and Maddison.... Good rivalry brewing - cant wait to see who Ang gets in her corner to combat the 3 Beautiful People.


"You don't work here, so hit the road"

They were the best 8 words spoken ALL night, other than WHOOOO!!! I may piss some people off here, but Scott Hall is overweight, overrated, over the hill - And X-Pac, Syxx Pac or Sean Waltman (Whatever the hell he wants to be called) is absolutely no better... The last time I saw Sean was in a match against Vampiro in WSX on MTV, and he wasn't any good then. What difference has 3 years made? Absolutely NONE!!! The sooner "THE BAND" is off tv the goddamn better....

Can I also say how much of a joke I think the "Global Championship" is... How can the champion (and I use that term loosely) be in a tag team match with the former holder of said championship, lose to The goddamn Nasty Boys???? Who booked this match???? The dynamic duo stikes again, and again, and AGAIN!!!

I am really glad to see AJ Styles' heel turn... I was amazed at Genesis when that belt came into contact with Kurt's head, it was EXCELLENT!!! And now the low blow, the thumb to the eye, and oh yes, the figure 4!!! Plus the Rasslin' 80's promo... Will he evolve, or just stay a mini - Flair, that will be the outcome that buys pay - per - views.... Hopefully he evolves, becomes a better heel, and eventually moves away from Flair, becoming his own role again... But a good match they put on, until I must have fallen asleep and gone back in time to 1996, and was watching WWE again.. But hang on, that's not the Hitman, its Kurt, there's Earl Hebner, but no Vince - wait, that's Hulk he just spat on??? What the hell, why did a match that could have been great end like that? Why oh why??? I understand Brett is currently on WWE, and they are trying to compete, but do they not watch their competition, the remake was done not that long ago. Oh well, lets just see what happens, and whether they even follow it up next Impact.


Also, I want to take this time to say how disappointed I am in one Michael Francis Foley Sr. HE went from being one of THE most amazing, gifted, hard working, hauntingly brilliant, HARDCORE Legend, to a guy who is losing his mind... His mic skills are non-existent, he no longer has that haunted / crazy look in his eyes, he is bordering on being a joke. And I was one of Foley's BIGGEST fans. I just feel sad for him, trying to hang onto something that is obviously no longer there, Give it up Mick, with the shred of pride you still have left. Please...


So look, I want to know who is in charge, Dixie, Hulk or Eric. Please make it clear to us.

Make the matches longer, let these guys and girls ACTUALLY wrestle on a wrestling show, stop making the whole 2 hours about ridiculous spots and cheap promos.

Bring in the crowd pullers, not washed up has beens and never weres, and if you have to have them in to fill a slot, DON'T, and I mean DO NOT let them win. Especially over a title holder...



I would like to thank everyone who reads this, I understand it may be all over the place, however I am new at this and if you could have some patience, I am sure my structure will get better. Hopefully, as I am very opinionated, this will generate some discussion. I am willing to answer and / or discuss anything with everyone, as long as there is no abuse, or anything of that nature. I love pro wrestling and this is my opinion, that does not make me right. Thanks everyone...

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