Why a Lot Of Fans Of Undertaker Are So Insecure

Jack SparrowContributor IJanuary 23, 2010

370782 04: World Wrestling Federation's Wrestler Undertaker Poses June 2000 In Los Angeles, Ca.  (Photo By Getty Images)
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I have been planning to write this article for a long time and finally I penned it down. This is only my second article here in bleacher and if anyone who remembers my first article would know that I am not a big fan of Undertaker.

But this article is also about Undertaker fans, actually, a section of Undertaker fans in the IWC. Over the years I have interacted with a lot of wrestling fans in IWC, from wrestling websites to forums to even sometimes in youtube and the most insecure fanbase I have ever come across is Undertaker's.

I certainly don't mean this about every Undertaker fan in the world or in the IWC but what I am trying to imply is if you come across any wrestling fan who behaves in a more childish way and go all nuts especially when you mention the two words "UNDEFEATED STREAK", I can bet that fan is most probably an Undertaker mark. Just try joking that Undertaker is going to lose at this WM by any arbit wrestler say Jonathan Coachman and you will know yourself.

Ok, lets start with the man himself- The Undertaker. I do respect Taker but still, in my opinion, he is the most overrated wrestler after Hogan in the entire history of MODERN professional wrestling (or maybe we can include Goldberg also there). He debuted in WWE (WWF then) in 1990, and one year later he won the world title by defeating none other than the Immortal Hulk Hogan. Defeating Hogan was a big thing back then and Taker defeated him in a title match!!

Though he lost the title only next week after winning it back to Hogan but that was the only match he had lost till 93!! Now what was his accomplishments before coming to WWF or what exactly extraordinary he had done to have recieved such accolades at such an early stage ? Even now, he still wins most of his matches every year and the few that he loses are rarely clean (maybe once in 2 or 3 years), heck this man has never even tapped out (cleanly or not, doesn't matter) in his entire career.

He dominates his every match making the other wrestler look like a complete joker. Whether he is wrestling against mid-carders, main-eventers or jobbers, it doesn't matter because everyone, be it Orton, Punk, Jericho to name a few ones who wrestled against him recently, looks like a complete full-time jobber. And the irony is, the other 2 veterans in WWE- HBK and HHH, always gets the brunt of enitre IWC for not putting talent over.

I have mixed opinions about HHH but he certainly puts more wrestlers over than Taker and as for HBK, he has put over more talent than any other WWE main-eventer other than Jericho. He has only 4 world titles and despite being Mr. Wrestlemania and putting on 5-star matches in every WM, his WM record is only 6 wins and 10 loses!!! Same with HHH, he lost 4 consecutive WM matches until last year, and yet when he won against Orton, this entire IWC had gone bonkers about how he is burying talents.

You take any other greats-Austin, Ric flair and Hogan impacted the business like no other, wrestlers like  HHH, Kurt Angle, Jericho (common he should  be considered as a great too :)) have always put quality matches and promos from time to time. You take Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, the 2 greatest of all times in my view, both impacted wrestling like no other and opened the gates for lightweight wrestlers. And all these wrestlers are talented, either in mic or in ring, most of them in both.

Now you take Undertaker, not even a single promo by him I can remember which can be considered as awesome. Most of his matches are stale boring and we are used to see that, so much that even his half-decent matches like his match vs Khali and Batista are considered as 4-5 star matches. And yet he has the biggest record in entire history of WWE- his undefeated streak, 17-0 at wrestlemania. He is neither a big draw or crowd puller, decent in ring (yeah I know, he is the best giant wrestler but that doesn't mean he should be awarded everything because that way Hornswoggle should be considered as the greatest wrestler of the century) and zero on mic, yet he is the most decorated wrestler in the WWE.

Now, I know its Vince's business not mine to say who should get what credits or whether someone is deserving or not for those credits but I certainly do have a right to call someone overrated and for Taker, I have already cited reasons above to prove that.

I might get some heat for writing all these, but if someone really wants to argue with me in a decent way then I am all open for a healthy debate. As I said earlier I have enough reasons to believe that Taker is overrated and I can make you also believe that. Just mention 20 matches in Undertaker's 20 years of wrestling career where he has lost cleanly (and by clean I don't mean any kayfabe injured) and I'll give up my case.

And if you are not able to do that, hey I know you are not going to admit that, but atleast maybe deep inside you'll know too that Taker is indeed overrated.