Racism Revisited: The All American Basketball Alliance

S. Wentworth DuncansonContributor IIJanuary 23, 2010

This country is in a recession in more ways than one. Not just in terms of the economy, but with our mentality as well. I recently read somewhere about some idiot who plans to start a rival basketball league to the NBA called the All American Basketball Alliance.

Don "Moose" Lewis, a former wrestling promoter, is attempting to start up a rival league in June. The requirements : that players be born of two 100 percent United States citizens of Caucasian descent. The reason : to promote "fundamental" basketball, and discourage "streetball played by people of color." Outrageous.

Do we not have players like Jason Williams who could put on a dribbling and passing exhibition like Curly Neal? Do we not have a player named Tim Duncan who has been accurately monikered "the Big Fundamental"? Basketball is just like life. People shouldn't be judged by their skin color.

They shouldn't be stereotyped, and should be judges as individuals. Will eliminating people of color eliminate the streetball aspect? Please. I guess with an all-white league, totally fundamentally correct basketball will be played.

The concept of streetball was developed unintentionally by guys like Michael Jordan, Dr. J, Magic Johnson, and plenty of others. Guys who changed the game and pushed the limits and expectations of the game.

How many players have you seen do something on SportsCenter and wondered if you could do it? Any fan or aspiring player would emulate those moves, and try to make them better, to try to create their own mark and highlight.

It became streetball when guys were trying to push the limits at the expense of their team. Where did it become only black players who do that? Any player that succeeds cant be afraid to push their creativity.

I guess all white players are fundamentally sound. Just like with anything, a good mixture is what is needed. Streetball makes the game interesting and exciting. It just can't be abused.

Stereotypes for the game were shattered probably sometime around the time Woody Harrelson caught the alley-oop from Wesley Snipes. Some white men can jump. All Europeans aren't soft. Not all blacks are dunking machines after a crossover. Those days are over.

People watch the NBA all over the world, and that is partly because there aren't many nationalities that are excluded. What the hell does a pro wrestling promoter about basketball fundamentals? Maybe that's why most of us never heard of him.

Diversity in the NBA has made the league a heap of money, and has elevated all of the players' games. They're forced to work on their weaknesses, instead of strengthening their specialties.

Versatility is a must. For example, when more and more foreign players came into the league, it changed the role of some big men. How many players over six foot ten could shoot jumpers fluently like a Dirk Nowitzki or Peja Stojakovic in the nineties? Think of a player like LeBron James who fifteen years ago wouldh've been a power forward.

Streetball is creativity at its highest. It just has to be utilized at the right time, and it cant interfere with the team winning. If a player is concerned more with highlights than winning, they don't belong in the league, period. It has nothing to do with color.

Lewis has tried to promote this league, hitting historically segregated towns, like Augusta, Georgia, to open up franchises there. Fortunately, he got a "hell no" from the mayor. I don't foresee anyone agreeing to participate, but one could never know when there are still people in the south that display confederate flags.

I'll be shocked if any city would want to participate. To me, sports are supposed to bring people together to try to accomplish a goal....win. I always said that, especially with guys, sports could make two enemies into friends.

A person could be totally incompatible with another, but could become friendly and cordial over a sports conversation. So my message to "Moose" is to remember it's 2010 and not 1958. Segregation doesn't exist and for good reason.

Lewis needs to take his fundamentally sound idea, and segregate himself from anyone with any sort of intelligence. Then he needs to turn on an NBA game, and see the teams succeed with players from all over the world.

Then maybe, just maybe he'll realize no sports team, or league will ever be successful if anyone is excluded intentionally.

The All American Basketball Alliance...please...maybe I'll run for President.