TNA: Impact React Vol. 2

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2010

Welcome welcome to the second edition of "Impact React", your hub for all the big news and rumors in TNA. We're hot off the heels of Genesis 2010 as well as another edition of iMPACT . Lots to get to, so let's not waste any more time!


Genesis React:

For the first time in quite some time, TNA got my $34.95 and I ordered Genesis. I cannot remember the last TNA PPV I ordered, it was probably back in 2007 or 2008.

I enjoyed Genesis but it wasn't a great PPV. It had some good moments and was overall an entertaining show but it didn't have the same caliber of wrestling that the final few PPV's of 2009 had for TNA.

While the main event was good, it didn't have anything else equally as good or better. Instead we got one very good match surrounded by some pretty good matches.

The big news is obviously the heel turn by AJ Styles. Styles historically has been a bit of a disappointment as a heel, but at least now he's affiliated with Ric Flair. AJ has always been weak on the microphone, so hopefully Flair can fill that void.

My biggest issue with a heel Styles is who does he face? Angle is your biggest babyface that is actively wrestling but because he lost, he will not receive any more title shots against AJ in 2010.

All your other top championship contenders are heels (Joe, Daniels, etc). Joe has a title shot coming to him because of the Feast or Fired results, so we could see a Joe face turn.

Personally, I'd love Joe to go back to the way he was. Drop this whole Nation of Violence deal and start over again as a bad ass submission machine who destroys opponents.

Of course, that would mean that Joe loses some weight and it doesn't look like that will happen any time soon. One can wish though, can't he.

Really though, Genesis is ultimately a forgettable PPV. It was entertaining for what it was but it's not one you'll look back on and say "Wow, I have to watch it again."

TNA is going to have to step it up because with the fans already turning on Hogan, the only thing that may save them is turning up the dial on the actual quality of wrestling.


Kong Kills:

Awesome Kong certainly made headlines recently as she reportedly attacked TNA and radio personality, Bubba the Love Sponge. While I doubt many fans are going to be torn up inside about a loudmouth getting humbled by a giant woman, this could cause problems for Kong.

With reports that she asked for her release going around, it doesn't seem like she'll actually be leaving the company. Not yet at least. Kong is booked for the next few iMPACT 's so she'll still in TNA for a little while longer.

However the Knockouts division was dealt a blow as Alissa Flash (Cheerleader Melissa/Raisha Saeed) left the company.

Flash wasn't used much after losing her mask, but she was without a doubt one of the best wrestlers TNA had in their women's division. It seems that the division as a whole is losing some quality.


Equality Issue:

Something that I've been noticing lately is that TNA isn't really pushing anyone. While you have your champions and whoever they're feuding with at the moments, it seems like everyone else is just trading wins and losses.

No one is breaking away from the pack and being noticed as the next main eventer. While the TNA midcard is full of phenomenal talent, they need to push someone, anyone, to that next level.

AJ Styles is going to need some strong babyfaces to work against. With so many of TNA's best wrestlers being heels right now, we could see some turns coming soon.


Don't Panic:

I think that it's very important that we as TNA fans or those who are just fans of wrestling in general shouldn't jump down the company's throat just yet.

Now this isn't fanboy talk because I'm certainly not a TNA loyalist. I just think that as a whole, the wrestling community online is a little impatient.

It takes time to see how things work in the big scheme of things. If we turn too quickly, we'll set ourselves in the mindset of whatever TNA does will be horrible. I've done that myself before with multiple promotions.

I've really tried to sit back and just watch the show. Whether or not you like iMPACT , it is a quality wrestling show. At times it's much better than RAW when you compare it segment to segment. It's rare that RAW has better wrestling than any given episode of iMPACT does.

While TNA may be running some downright silly storylines right now they're still putting on a good show. Sure it's easy to nitpick and find things you don't like and of course you just may not like TNA.

For those who are on the fence though, just weather the storm a little bit, because we actually might end up with a very good product by mid year.


Just For Fun:

Since this was a light news week, I'm going to throw this in and I'll do something like this anytime it's a slow week. This week's "Just For Fun" is five roster moves TNA should make.

1. Trim The Fat: The TNA roster has become really bloated with all of the new signings, some of which were absolutely unnecessary. Men and women like Lacey Von Erich, Orlando Jordan, Bobby Lashley, Dr. Stevie, and a few others should be dropped. 

This allows you to add maybe one other key name, as some top new names like Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy may become unavailable sooner rather than later.

2. Switch It Up: Some guys have become a little stale in their roles so why not make a few turns to freshen it up? Turn Samoa Joe face and have him drop the Nation of Violence gimmick. Let him go back to the submission machine and get the fans behind him. Turn either Jay Lethal or Consequences Creed to give the X Division another heel to help the balance.

3. Sign Chris Hero: This is pretty self explanatory. Hero has paid his dues and really has done it all on the indy scene. He's ready to go to TNA and make a lasting impression. Hero can fit right in with the crowd of Styles, Angle, Joe, and Daniels.

4. Simplify Things: TNA really need to make it be known who is in the non X Division portion of the roster and get a serious tag team division going. You have perhaps your best tag team doing something that doesn't even involve the belts. 

With a cluttered roster, it could really help so that everyone knows where everyone lies within the company. I don't see why TNA couldn't steal an idea from CHIKARA and implement a point system in determining contenders for the tag belts. It would give normally throwaway tag matches on TV a little something extra.

5. Keep The Belt On AJ: AJ's new heel turn is refreshing and something a little different then what we've been seeing. Let AJ have a nice long run and give yourself some time to build up a real championship division.


So that's it for the second edition of "Impact React". It was a light week this week outside of the Knockout drama. I've decided on not doing iMPACT recaps as you can find them so many other places online. Though if anything really notable happens I will cover it. 

This past iMPACT was a little "meh" so I didn't have much to say about it. Though I will say the screwjob angle needs to end. It's played out and just plain stupid to do anymore.

Hope to see you next Saturday for another edition of "Impact React". Have a great week!

Author's Note: I write this article typically around Thursday night following iMPACT. Any news that happens on a Friday, unless it's really big, won't be covered until the following weeks edition.


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