Why Is Their So Much Hate On Allen Iverson?

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Why Is Their So Much Hate On Allen Iverson?
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I hate how the media always has a reason to complain about Iverson. If he's scoring 30 points he's a ballhog (although when Kobe, LeBron, Wade, and Melo does it they're all helping their teams. Isn't Iverson helping his team when he scores a lot of points.) If he's scoring low points like how he is now he's washed up. Iverson may have lost some of his game as injuries and age are catching up to him but he isn't washed up.

I honestly think Iverson is someone people should look up too. He isn't afraid to share his own opinions, and he is 100% genuine and honest. He'll stand up for what he believes in and that reminds me of a person who we celebrated fighting for people's rights only a weekend ago. No matter how hard Iverson tries, their is always a reason for someone to complain about him. Anyways...

People forget that Iverson is still injured and is in the same situation as Kobe is right now. Kobe is playing injured but is still getting his points as he shoots a lot of shots. In Phily, Iverson is averaging 10 shots per game. Since Kobe's shooting a horrible percentage due to his injuries he's jacking up way more shots just to get into the high 20s/low 30s. Tonight Iverson was 4-14 I believe for 11 points, Kobe was 8-24 and got 27 points. If Iverson took 24 shots a game he'd have way more than 11 points. Since his return to Phily he's averaging a career low 10 shots per game. Even if he connects on all ten of those shots, that's only 20 points. When he was in Memphis, ready to play he played better than Conley in all three games that he played (coming off the bench / statistically) He then left Memphis and hadn't played ball for a month and a half. He's playing but now he has arthritis in his knee.

Now the recent beef on Allen Iverson is that he doesn't deserve to play in the "All-Star Game" and that he should've gave up his spot and declined to play. Allen Iverson is a "star" in the NBA as his jersey is still selling in the NBA. The fans also voted for him to play so wouldn't he be letting down his family, friends, fans, and Philadelphia by not representing them all in the game. This is most likely going to be Allen Iverson's last year in the NBA since he's on a one year contract and has stated that he enjoyed retirement for the week that he had it.

How can people be mad at Allen Iverson for being in the All Star Game? Is it his fault he was voted as a starter for the game? Since so many people voted for him, it shows that they want him to play in the game and I'd personally be disappointed if he didn't play in the game because there is the chance this might be his last.

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