Arsene Wenger's Gripe With Media Is Highlighted by Idiots at Daily Mail

Mary O'SheaSenior Writer IJanuary 23, 2010

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 28:  Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger speaks to the media during a press conference ahead of the UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg match against Manchester United at Old Trafford on April 28, 2009 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)
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It was a must win game for Arsenal, and at 2-0 down it didn't look likely. 

However, a stunning turnaround against Bolton saw Arsenal win 4-2 and go to the summit of the table.

Instead of concentrating on Arsenal's spirit and scoring of four unanswered goals, the media instead took cue from Owen Coyle and concentrated on Arsenal's equalising goal scored by Cesc Fabregas.

In the build up to the game, Bolton player Mark Davies came off worse in a challenge with William Gallas, and as he laid prone on the ground Arsenal continued and scored to make it 2-2.

Bolton's complaints came from A) It being a foul that could have seen a red card for Gallas and B) Arsenal continued playing while Davies lay injured.

Coyle and Bolton indeed have a case when it comes to point A.

Some may argue it was a 50/50 challenge and that both players went in with studs up. However, Davis got to the ball and Gallas caught him on the ankle. Red cards have been issued for this in the past.

Despite this, it was not an "assault" as Coyle first claimed and rightly retracted later. It was a mistimed, silly challenge, but there was no intent from Gallas to injure the opposition.

Regarding point B, Bolton do have a case in terms of fair play but fair play went out the window a long time ago.

How were the Arsenal players meant to know how badly Davies was injured or if at all?

How often have we seen a player go down "injured" as the opposition launch an attack only to have a miraculous recovery moments later?

Furthermore, Bolton basically let Arsenal walk through their defence and the goalkeeper was nutmegged at his near post. Surely professional players should know to play to the whistle and complain later. 

Why not defend, clear the ball, and then complain?

If I were the Bolton manager I too would highlight the incident as 1) I would try to cover over my team throwing away a two goal lead and 2) I'd be just downright angry about it.

One would expect a little more objectivity from the media but one is expecting too much from most of these "journalists."

The tackle Gallas made occurs in every other game, some players see red, some don't.

Andy Townsend rightly made this point and can't see the whole furor over it.

Neither can Arsene Wenger.

Speaking in his Stoke prematch conference he questioned why such a hoo-hah was made about the incident when it happens so often.

“I do not want to develop any paranoia,” he said . “But there was too much made about this incident. It was a mistimed challenge but without any intention to harm the player."

He then goes on to ponder why it is that Gallas is lambasted when many of the teams further down the league, Bolton in particular, state their intention is to be "physical" against Arsenal—which basically means kicking them around the park—and are congratulated for doing it as it is "a man's game."

“What is more funny is that, when we get kicked, some people say before the game 'we know how to play Arsenal, we have to kick them' and nobody in the whole country is upset by that".

I am always absolutely amazed that people get away with it. When we get kicked and lose the game, the question I get from the press is 'oh, you did not fancy that’. But nobody is upset or shocked by it. When we are kicked they find that it is absolutely all right."

If Arsenal and opposition fans are being true to themselves they will agree with Wenger.

How often have you seen the following quoted:

"Arsenal are full of the fancy stuff but can't take the physical stuff."

"Arsenal aren't up for the fight."

"Arsenal have a team full of boys not able for a man's game."

"If Arsenal don't learn to be more physical they won't win anything."

So this season we see Arsenal being more physical, taking the kicks and giving them back but suddenly Arsenal are now a dirty team full of cynical players?

Yes, I am wholly biased but from where I am sitting it appears that Bolton got a dose of their own medicine and don't like it.

Of course, I feel sorry for the injured player and am glad he is making a speedy recovery, but do I feel sorry for Bolton? Not a dot.

For years their open game plan has been to kick Arsenal off the field. It worked for a while but not lately.

Go back and watch the two games and see how may cynical tackles were made on Cesc Fabregas. It seems a case of "we can't match his skill so we'll kick him around the park."

There wasn't too much in the media about this and to be honest there shouldn't be.

We are told time and again it is a man's game, it is a physical game, and Fabregas took the kicks and got back up.

So why is it that Gallas is been lambasted as if he was a sniper who shot Davies from two feet?

That is all Wenger is asking.

Yet once again The Daily Mail twist his words.

They leave out most of his interview where he asks why Bolton and the like aren't questioned when they state pregame that they will basically kick Arsenal off the field.

Instead they accuse him of "snapping" and being "Angry Arsene Wenger (who) hits out: You are all out to get Arsenal!"

What Wenger actually said was "Today, we are all brainwashed by one or two main media who decide what we have to talk about and we talk about that."

So he said "one or two" not "you are all", nothing like a bit of hyperbole.

"Wenger also hit out at Sky Sports News for showing regular reruns of the Gallas tackle while ignoring incidents like one when Matt Taylor stepped on Fabregas and pulled his hair when the teams met at The Reebok three days earlier." 

Again I am wholly biased but doesn't Wenger have a point?

Why concentrate on one hot point of the two games when there was many more?

The media and The Daily Mail in particular are idiots if they think that people aren't aware they set the agenda.

Gallas' tackle has now become the focal point of these two games.

The media concentrated on Ronaldo's dives while never highlighting the umpteen bad challenges he suffered.

Alex Ferguson wasn't objective when it came to Ronaldo's dives, Wenger is showing his bias when he doesn't see things while Coyle was singing from the chorus sheet of Bolton regarding Gallas' tackle.

However, you can't and shouldn't expect anything more. It is their job.

It is also a journalist's job to be as objective as possible. 

Personally, I don't think crap articles like this  count. 

All Wenger was asking for was unbiased reporting, sad and pathetic that The Daily Mail are too biased to see this.

To think that such a fine journalist like Martin Samuel now writes for this crowd!

*All Arsene Wenger quotes are taken from


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