Strikeforce in Miami: Previewing the Fights

David ModerCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2010

With such an exciting event coming in only eight days, I thought it would be appropriate to evaluate the fights and give my predictions.

Strikeforce in Miami has an excellent card. The majority of the fights on the main card are great fights and are much anticipated by both myself and many fans of MMA. With two titles up for grabs, prepare for some wild bouts!

Bobby Lashley (4-0-0) vs. Jimmy Ambriz (14-12-1)

Jimmy Ambriz is an experienced veteran with fights against countless elite fighters. He's often noted for his large size and sheer power. However, he hasn't actually beaten anybody worth noting except maybe Dan Bobish. He does, at least, produce exciting fights. In his last sixteen bouts, only one has gone past the first round.

Bobby Lashley is the exact same thing as Ambriz, except Lashley is all muscle and no fat. He hasn't fought any really experienced fighters yet, so that may be the only edge Ambriz will hold over Lashley. On any other aspect Lashley is simply the better fighter.

(If Lashley fights Wes Sims, he will be a better opponent and it will be a better fight but the result will be the same.)

Lashley by first round (T)KO

Herschel Walker (0-0-0) vs. Greg Nagy (1-1-0)  

So much hype has surrounded Walker for no reason whatsoever. He is really just another athlete bound for disappointment in MMA. C'mon, he is 47 and has no experience in MMA at all. As one MMA fan said, "there is a real age, and there is a fighter age."

The only reason that Couture can still fight is because he is a legend, has so much experience, and he simply knows how to fight. It doesn't really matter how well Walker does in karate, you just can't debut in MMA at the age of 47. In fighting age, he is probably around 70.

Nagy by second round (T)KO

Melvin Manhoef (24-6-1) vs. Robbie Lawler (16-5-0)

Now this is a fight I can't wait for. Both fighters are monsters and have something to prove. In his last fight, Manhoef had an impressive win against Kazuo Misaki and is looking to make another statement. Lawler is coming off a loss to Jake Shields (who of course is no easy fighter) and is looking to prove that he can come back and beat a strong opponent.

Lawler has beat big names such as Joey Villasenor, Frank Trigg, Murilo Rua, and Scott Smith. Manhoef has beaten Kazushi Sakuraba, Mark Hunt, and Kazuo Misaki. Lawler has beaten more names, while Manhoef has beaten better names. It's very hard to pick who will win, but I think I will give Manhoef the edge in this fight.

Both fighters' forte is striking and Manhoef has won 23 of his 24 fights by (T)KO. His weakness seems to be ground game/submissions, yet Lawler has only one submission win. Whatever the result may be, expect the fight to be "Marvelous."

Manhoef by first round (T)KO

Cristiane Santos (8-1-0) vs. Marloes Coenen (17-3-0)

Santos has be

en dubbed as the "Female Axe Murderer" by an MMA fan, and I have to say I must agree. Coenen can be compared to a female Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, as they both have almost the exact same record and are both generally submission specialists.

The only difference between Santos and Wanderlei is that Santos has a loss by submission; Wanderlei doesn't. That may be the deciding factor in the upcoming fight, which is why I am betting on an upset from Coenen. I know it's probably very unlikely considering the amazing performance Santos recently had against Gina Carano, but Coenen could possibly be the kryptonite to "Cyborg."

Coenen by second round submission.

And now, for the main event...

Nick Diaz (20-7-0) vs. Marius Zaromskis (13-3-0)

Two strong, hungry, fighters face off in the main event. Zaromskis, a top prospect with only two losses of consequence, is ready to make himself known to the MMA world by winning this fight.

Diaz, a very experienced and dangerous fighter, is looking to win yet another fight against a strong fighter. He already has many wins against big names and likely wants to add another one to his collection.

Zaromskis is a devastating striker with three of his last four fights coming by way of head kick, and four fights coming by simply (T)KO. He also has a win by triangle choke on his record, as well as a win by unanimous decision. He has only recently beaten two strong fighters, Hayuto Sakurai and Jason High. It will be extremely important for him to win this fight, as he would then fight in the upper echelon of the division.

Hmmm, this sounds familiar. Heavy hands and devastating head kicks? Sounds pretty similar to one MMA great.

Diaz has won 10 of his last 11 fights and isn't stopping anytime soon. He is a black belt in jiu jitsu and a good boxer. He dominated Scott Smith in his last fight, but seemed tired in the last round. His short, repetitive, but stinging striking worked perfectly against Smith and many other fighters. Can he win this fight and continue his winning streak?

Although both are great fighters, I'm pretty sure Zaromskis will win. Smith just narrowly missed some of his head-kicks against Diaz, something that Zaromskis definitely wouldn't do. Also, there is no way Diaz's punches will work against Zaromskis. If all else fails, Diaz has bad cardio and Zaromskis could grind out a decision.

Expect Diaz's streak to be stopped and Zaromskis' continued.

Zaromskis by devastating head-kick in the second round.