Jets Beat Vikings In Super Bowl: Brett Favre To Sign With Dolphins (Satire)

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IJanuary 22, 2010

After the New York Jets stunned the sports world much as they did in Super Bowl III with their upset of the Minnesota Vikings, quarterback Brett Favre himself made an announcement equally as shocking...he was leaving the Vikings and plans to sign with the Dolphins.

Since Brad Childress and the Vikings were so desperate to get Favre, they put a provision in his contract that he may opt out of it and play for another team, as long as that team is not in the NFC North.

As to the reason why Favre wants to play in Miami, he cites the desire to be coached by Bill Parcells. When corrected on the matter that Parcells is an executive and not the head coach, Favre simply responded, "Whatever."

The joy of Jets fans in New York has turn to uproar over the possibility of Favre coming to play for one of their biggest rivals. One fan stated, "We already shelled out hundreds of dollars for Favre's Jets jerseys. Now mine is a rag I use to wash my car. And now he's going to the Dolphins!" Another fan asked the rhetorical question, "What if Tom Brady wasn't in New England? Would he have signed there since they're our biggest rival?"

However, Favre claims he has no desire for any type of revenge against his former team. "If you're a football fan, you'll understand." When asked why not just play again for the Vikings, he simply replied, "It's in the past. What's done is done. I'm looking on moving forward."

Still fresh in the minds of Jets fans and even fans in general was how he left New York, amid allegations that he was cold to his teammates and accused former coach Eric Mangini of forcing him to play even when he was hurt.

Football insiders are also pointing out the fact that if he were to sign with Miami, he would be putting Chad Pennington out of a job again. A source close to Favre provides an interesting answer. "Well, back in 2002 when the Packers were trying to get home field advantage, Chad Pennington and the Jets beat the Pack pretty bad, 42-17. The next week the Packers lost for the very first time at home in the playoffs to the Falcons. Brett's always pointed to that game messing with his confidence."

In any case, one must wonder what would have transpired had the Vikings won the Super Bowl? Would he have come back to play for them? Or would he have wanted to play for the Raiders so he could get revenge on the Denver Broncos for beating him in the Super Bowl in 1997?